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This site contains information and interesting informative links. First content was a 1983 book on the Texas Instruments TI99/4A Home Computer:- Getting Started with the TI99/4A

Pages on our web site:

Stephen's Front Page
The Texas TI99/4A home computer; other computer links; sdlbasic programs ; St Thomas Heaton Norris Church history; Moomins, Magic Boy and other anime; radio and tv history; WW2 UK Mainland history ; the Poco a Poco Stockport, and lots of links to useful web pages re UK travel, local music and lots more.

Cathy's Page of Links || Shaw Family Genealogy Pages

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The Home Page of Cathy and Stephen Shaw, Stockport, England

[ The first member of our family on the web was our cat, Paws, whose picture could be found in the photo pages of the Cats Protection League ]