Cathy's Hobbies and Recreation Page

This page contains links to Websites of interest to me

Cacti Links

The growing of cacti and other succulents has been an interest of mine for more than 40 years. It began about 1974 when I sowed a packet of mixed seeds and then tried to identify the plants that grew. I now have a 6 ft by 8 ft greenhouse which is too small to house all my collection of about 500 plants!
Here are some pictures of just a few plants in my collection.

British Cactus & Succulent Society

A comprehensive site, easily navigated without Javascript. The Macclesfield and East Cheshire Branch gives details of local meetings.

Cactus Mall

An extensive listing of links for cacti and succulents. A very comprehensive site.

International Cactus Adventures

A quarterly magazine. Only part of the site is in English, the rest in French. There are, however, some nice pictures which may be useful at some time.

Ralph Martin's Field Number Database

By entering a plant field number, details of the plant, where it was collected, and other notes will be found. There are also related databases for finding information on collectors, and for finding collection numbers for given plant species.

Needlecraft Links

I went to evening classes several years ago to learn bobbin lace, and have kept up the hobby, even though I don't get much opportunity to get my pillow out. Also, I am now trying to teach myself needle lace, tatting and cross stitch.


A company based in north Wales but with several branches around the north west of England. Retailers of fabric, sewing, knitting, dressmaking and haberdashery accessories.

Fred Aldous Ltd

A long established company with thousands of products for a wide range of arts and crafts avaiable.


The website of the chain of craft stores. Lots of information - ideas, techniques, events. Also includes a store finder. No on-line ordering, but an order form can be downloaded and orders made by post if you don't have a local store.

The Lace Guild

The Website of The Lace Guild of the UK. As it is to be expected, this site needs graphics to be seen at its best, but it can be followed without.


Chiltern Seeds

A very comprehensive seed catalogue which no longer requires the use of Javascript to search the site or place an order. Alt tag labelling is poor and the title page is pure image, so it is necessary to browse with images turned on.

Henry Doubleday Research Association

Europe's largest organic membership organisation, dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food, in the UK and around the world.