Cathy's News and Reference Pages - Page 2

Medical Links

The Dyspraxia Foundation

Few graphics, neatly laid out. Very imaginative and creative use of style sheets.

Obtaining a Disabled Student Allowance

Our experience of obtaining a Disabled Student Allowance.


BBC News

BBC News - Manchester

BBC World Service

World Service news reporting can sometimes be more informative than UK-based BBC News.

The Guardian

The on-line version of the national newspaper.

News Now

Links to a huge variety of news media, from the UK and abroad, updated every 5 minutes.

Other Information

Government information service

A very comprehensive site.

Government Statistical data

A comprehensive source of statistical data published by the UK government.

Stockport Image Archive

Old photographs of Stockport


UK street search

Telephone Directory

This on-line directory is free from BT


Have you gone to a web page only to find the page has changed and the information you are looking for is not there? Maybe the page does not exist any more? This site archives other sites. If what you are looking for was ever out there, you may find it here. All you need is the URL.