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Today most things called science fiction are either fantasy or some other genre entirely, but I was introduced to the classic and pulp works, rather different to today's offerings.
My introduction to Science Fiction came in the late 1950's with the juvenile books by Angus MacVicar (the Lost Planet series) and E C Eliott (Kemlo stories). I quickly moved on to Galaxy Magazine and the Ace paperbacks, and onward from there. So first, the written word element....

An exhaustive bibliography of some SF authors but with good detail is at ISFDB.

Read Project Gutenberg SF texts - they have a SF Bookshelf listing SF books available and also offer a CD full.
A short sample SF authors available on Project Gutenberg are: Marion Zimmer Bradley, John W Campbell, Ray Cummings, H Beam Piper,
Murray Leinster, Andre Norton, Alan E Nourse, Lester del Rey, Robert Sheckley, Edward E (Doc) Smith, Jules Verne, H G Wells, Robert H Wilson

The complete works of Sydney Fowler Wright || Wayback archived copy of SFW site, which is often down. (enable javascript for the archived links to work correctly).

There is an extensive bibliography available at Center for the Study of Science Fiction.
Useful introduction to Science Fiction from wikipedia.

There were a number of British science fiction magazines that I started reading from around 1962, (including New Worlds under the editorship of John Carnell, and Peter Hamilton's Nebula) and also bought some older ones from market stalls. At this time I enjoyed reading the short stories of F G Rayer. Not too long after, the British SF magazine market went all new-wave and obscure (Michael Moorcock took over editorship of New Worlds), and stopped buying the stories that I enjoyed, so by the end of the sixties I had stopped buying SF mags, as I think many others did. Fortunately the classic SF story continued to be welcome in the several SF magazines from America which were available here. Due to an interest in amateur radio, I made contact with my first SF Author, radio amateur F G Rayer.

My next involvement with science fiction was through film, and a move from fantasies such as tom thumb (all lower case of course) to the more serious material, with George Pals Time Machine. Next we look at films...

The boundary between tv and film is now quite blurred. An excellent introductory article on film and science fiction is at Wikipedia.
Also also have a good introductory article on science fiction and films.

Naturally I was there for the first television showings of Doctor Who, Space Patrol (the puppet series), Star Trek, Out of this World, Out of the Unknown, and the others of the era. So television...

Wikipedia has a good article about SF on TV. has many pages on lots of tv shows which are more or less science fiction related - their definition is quite broad - and if you browse without javascript (very wise!) you can ignore their stupid red warning telling you to turn javascript on.

jmsNews has archived ALL of jms news posts where he discussed the writing and production of the show in searchable form....
The Lurkers Guide although long a dormant web site still has a great deal of info. on Babyon 5.
Try the data held on Babylon 5 and if you browse without javascript (most wise) ignore their stupid red warning that javascript is required.
The Zoccolo/ ISN News has a large section B5 info -ISNNews
Visit Bill Mumy [Lenier]'s web site. I have the lyrics of a song by Bill Mumy about cats.

Currently (tm) CBS Studios Inc.
There is a specialised Star Trek wiki (enyclopaedia) at Memory Alpha with over 26,000 Trek related articles. has a lot of info on Classic Trek and even more on The Next Generation not to mention Deep Space 9. You can ignore's stupid red message insisting on javascript.

At last in mid-2010 CBS have relaunched the old web site, and updated it. Lots of information to be found in the Startrek database section. The Animated series is now listed in the section as canon (it was previously denied that honour). Most parts of the new site work fine but if you select the link to "explore the official database" or a "view all" link, it takes you to an unfriendly "navigator" section which requires javascript. I cannot obtain any results from the search box. Other links seem to work fine right now.

Three cheers for Star Trek Animated series! Check out Curt Danhauser's web site. And for some fun,

Radio has been an important source for science fiction drama, but my own involvement has only been quite recent, with the new availability of so many old time radio shows - I have some links for free downloads on my music web page - towards the bottom under Listen to...
Also, has a useful intro page to science fiction on the radio with direct links to mp3 files to download.

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