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Not an exhaustive or complete list of printed cartoons on the web, just my favorites. Some of these are not to be found on the several large link lists out there - see if you can spot the rare ones. Cartoon links die or change very quickly, so there could be some dead links here. I will check them as often as I can.

Oh Dear, Go Comics, the source of so many, has had a fancy web redesign and no longer works on older browsers. These links do not go to       

   adam at home -recent comic towards end of page.   | |    animal crackers   | |   

      arlo and janis -recent strip towards end of page.   | |    bc   | |   

    born loser recent strip towards end of page       bristow   | |    Broom Hilda

  | |    cathy   | |    drabble recent comic towards end of page  | |    for better or for worse

  | |    Frank and Ernest-recent comics towards end of page.  | |   

     frank and ernest from last year   | |    fred basset see end of page   | |    free fall

       Garfield       | |     Garfield- minus Garfield    | |    Heathcliff

      marmaduke- recent strip towards end of page.  | |   

     middletons   | |    nancy recent strip towards end of page.  | |   Peanuts- strips towards end of page.

    Rose is Rose    ||    wizard of id   | |    ziggy recent strip towards end of page.

You won't find any links here to web sites that present unanimated strip cartoons as Flash media, totally unsuitable. And definitely not one major comic site that is blank without javascript. And absolutely not a certain major comics page with uses CSS to hide images you have loaded.... and uses javascript to show them. I'd rather read a book.