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Our last remaining local webcam shows London Road Manchester from the TfGM webcam - looking South down the A6 with Piccadilly Railway Station to the left. You may see yellow trams running to and fro under the station. The distant bridge carries the railway from Piccadilly to Oxford Road.
To the South a webcam looks over Whaley Moor near Whaley Bridge. Further South is Buxton- view is around Burbage and another Buxton one, at Quarnford (SK17 0TF.) on the A57, sometimes buried in snow! (Quarnford image often throws an incorrect 404 error, probably bandwidth is limited to one connection).
Often closed by snow is the Cat and Fiddle on the A537 (SK11 0AR), due to a boundary change now in Macclesfield but not really. Second highest pub in England (after Tanhill).

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Texas Instruments TI99/4A (1979-1983)
A 1983 book on the Texas Instruments TI99/4A Home Computer by Stephen Shaw: Getting Started with the TI99/4A. A report on a TI99/4A emulator for the PC, PC99
Other TI resources on this site, with links to a publicity photo of the computer, some music in .MID format originally composed for a very early TI module, and a memorial sample of the monthly columns of the late Jim Peterson, a longtime supporter of the TI99/4a computer. also a review of PC99 and some programs for it.

Linux content is on a separate Linux page. .
Colossus (predating Eniac), was hard wired for one task- dealing with Enigma messages- lovely description of how Enigma worked and was deciphered.

Creative Computing was one of the computing magazines I first read and subscribed to. What a delight- at last glance 35 issues on the web plus the three books "The Best Of...". Read computing history in Creative Computing.

For good old fashioned fast text web browsing in Linux, w3m is excellent.

Search for computer software vulnerabilities by vendor (including open source) from Security Focus (It looks a small page but the 600k drop down box makes loading slow).

I have some links to streaming audio sites | Our 1998 PC specification

Want a free Windows programming language? Goto MSW Logo - and program for anything from a Pentium with W95 to the latest NT, ME or XP. The Windows 3.1 for a 286 version may still be available on this link.
The Great Logo Adventure(here as a 3.6 megabyte zipped download from, supporting MSW Logo.
I have discovered and now use sdlBasic which exists in a 2012 build for win32 and deb and in a 2007 build as an rpm. You can see some of my programs at Stephen's sdlBasic routines.
There remain some excellent programs for DOS which cannot be run in Windows XP, or for a smaller number, in Dosbox under Linux or Windows XP. To run in a native DOS operating system you may need to get a copy of FreeDOS or Balder, one flavour of which runs from a floppy with no hard disk install or partitioning.

Web Archive allows you to see web pages as they were from 1996 onwards. This site can be in heavy demand, expect delays or non availability. [site unavailable fairly often, keep trying] Use the form on their front page or use this form instead:

Type in the URL in this box for last cached page OR if none cached, current version if available:
. Show All will list all cached versions.

My favorite 32 bit Windows media browser is the free Irfanview. Huge list of supported formats of images, animations and sounds; includes the special overview.pcd file format. Irfanview also has some image editing options and scanner (Twain) input. It is quite small, with plug ins in a separate zip file- you can delete any you don't need after unzipping.
Although written for Windows, I was surprised to find many parts of Irfanview (up to version 4.33) work fine in Linux using Wine (up to vn 1.1.9). I recommend NOT using the Associate file type option on a Linux box. There may obviously be problems with files that use external viewers which are less receptive to Wine but I am happily using Photoshop 8BF filters with it and also the OCR plugin. Irfanview makes viewing and editing jpeg image metadata really easy (EXIF, and IPTC). Details of using Irfanview on Linux. (Linux native programs GIMP, fotoxx and gthumb are of course excellent - and exiftool is the Linux metadata reader/writer but console only).

PC Support Links:
New to the web? Help with manually preparing your web page - which can be much more efficient than using any web tool,
can be found at Help with html, css, xml, and lots more. The site works well without inline frames and without javascript except the "try this" portion. Please don't create Flash websites- they are disabled unfriendly (images and javascript seem to rule), remarkably prone to security problems, almost invisible to search engines, have questionable privacy, and most browsers are deprecating Flash for HTML5 (except youtube connected Android). web site coding reference

Javascript I really don't like websites that use flash, no way, no sir. Hate 'em. And I'm not at all fond of websites that insist on javascript when they really don't need to - if your content can be made visible without script, make it so. If you want to add bells and whistles with script, by all means do so. But there do seem to be some web sites that really really do need javascript. Here are some that I like.

Information presentation in dynamic graphic format is interesting- here are a couple:
Wikipedia edits presented graphically and sonically at L2W where added data is bells, data removed are strings, green circles are anonymous edits, white circles are registered edits and purple circles are automated edits.

Google maps has used javascript for ages, but Streetview requires flash- but other site owners can use a javascript interface to access streetview, no flash required. It isn't as smooth as flash, but hey! I found a number of web sites using the javascript interface, and they don't actually tell you they differ from google maps by not needing flash! Here is a simple map with streetview available page I have put together- nothing very pretty, but it works.
Or for something fancier, Google allow you to have two linked views, with a map or satellite view in one and streetview in the other. Each view has its own zoom and pan controls.

British Rail fares- all of them- with all the detailed limitations for each fare, an American website that really puts a lot of data into view. For some destinations/fares that are restricted on where they are sold, (eg only sold in Greater Manchester, only sold by Chiltern Trains), it may indicate "No fares available" and you will need to research the availability yourself.

Mapping mashups can be very clever, I was really impressed with Wheresthepath which has two maps side by side- you select for each side from eg google, ordnance survey, historic, satellite, etc- the maps are linked and have lots of useful "toys". The binoculars will bring up a search box. Neat.

Lancashire Complete at first looks like just another mapping site, but this has everything mapped (nearly)- the grit bins, the lamp posts, bus stops, post offices, pharmacies, when bins are emptied for a particular property, old aerial shots- but only for Lancashire. Still a worthy web site. HOWEVER they use an oddly variable javascript- using Opera and telling the site we are using Firefox prevents full map view, so they are not serving standards compliant css. In common with so many sites there are hundreds of coding errors- mostly from external CSS from - in this case the culprit seems to be an invalid value for property zoom: "ght-tabs .dijitTabRtl,.dj_ie7 .dijitTabContainerLeft-tabs .dijitTabRtl {zoom: 1;"

Google maps can be used without javascript but they have a collection of -specialist- maps which require javascript, with variably transparent overlays covering say 1946 railways or 1896 road layouts. I liked the Mars and Moon maps too. So- explore the value added Specialist mapping is a UK based ftp mirror site with files from many sites. The new hardware is now installed (2013) and the mirrors updated. Apart from Opera (browser) it seems to be almost entirely Linux / Unix software. The old dos / windows material has gone. There is no search facility. This is the mirror service offered by the University of Kent and will be very fast for Uni students connected via Janet.

Check the links and syntax on your web page and more at Addy and Associates site. They require that you do not turn off referrer logging.

Make a long URL smaller

Statistics for visitors to this website
In Nov 2014 the OS and Browser stats are based upon 770 visitors (494 in Nov 2013):
                  3/11  11/11   2/12    7/12    7/13    11/13  5/14   11/14
Op system: MS.....84%....75%.....69%.....67%.....56%.....58%....51%....49%
           Linux.. 6%.... 8%.....13%.....11%.....12%.....11%....12%....10%
Note: Users of Opera Turbo will always be reported as Linux, this accounts for 
an extra one per cent in Linux in November 2014..

Browsers- Note that these can be spoofed:
         Safari... 8%....10%....10%.....12%.....19%.....17%....22%....24%
         Webkit......................................... 7%.....8%.....3%
         Opera.....0%.....4%.....4%......5%......7%..... 7%.....5%.....5%
The most popular sections of the web site - page views out of a total of 1577 
(1081 in May 2014, 994 in Nov 2013) were:
  TI-99/4a section 749 views (47% of total);
  Moomin 91 views, Poco a Poco 128 views,  St Thomas Church 95 views.
No other section received more than 2% of visitors.
  There was a small decrease in Moomin views, and large increases in the 
views for St Thomas Church (possibly due to the death in September of 
Richard Gurney, a parishioner) and the Poco a Poco.  
I wish I knew why people were still searching on the Poco so long
after its demolition.

The principal TI section had 26% more pages viewed,

Other areas have had minimal visitors but have grown in
visitors over the last six months.

Over the month as a whole there was an increase of 39% 
in visitors compared to May 2014, and an increase of 
45% in page views compared to May 2014.

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