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Texas Instruments TI99/4A (1979-1983)

A 1983 book on the Texas Instruments TI99/4A Home Computer by Stephen Shaw: Getting Started with the TI99/4A. A report on a TI99/4A emulator for the PC, PC99
Other TI resources on this site, with links to a publicity photo of the computer, some music in .MID format originally composed for a very early TI module, and a memorial sample of the monthly columns of the late Jim Peterson, a longtime supporter of the TI99/4a computer. also a review of PC99 and some programs for it.
Linux content is on a separate Linux page. .
Colossus (predating Eniac), was hard wired for one task- dealing with Enigma messages- lovely description of how Enigma worked and was deciphered.

Creative Computing was one of the computing magazines I first read and subscribed to. What a delight- at last glance 35 issues on the web plus the three books "The Best Of...". Read computing history in Index to Creative Computing and read articles on CC which goes back to before 1979.

For good old fashioned fast text web browsing in Linux, w3m is excellent.

I have some links to streaming audio sites | Our 1998 PC specification

Want a free Windows programming language? Goto MSW Logo -(from and program for anything from a Pentium with W95 to the latest NT, ME or XP.
The Logo for Windows 3.1 for a 286 version may still be available on this link.
The Great Logo Adventure(here as a 3.6 megabyte zipped download from, supporting MSW Logo.
MSW logo is dormant but was superceded by fms logo which runs under Windows.

I have discovered and now use sdlBasic which exists in a 2012 build for win32 and deb and in a 2007 build as an rpm. You can see some of my programs at Stephen's sdlBasic routines.
There remain some excellent programs for DOS which cannot be run in Windows XP, or for a smaller number, in Dosbox under Linux or Windows XP. To run in a native DOS operating system you may need to get a copy of FreeDOS or Balder, one flavour of which runs from a floppy with no hard disk install or partitioning.

My favorite 32 bit Windows media browser remains Irfanview but Vn 4.44 is no longer available and the program is now only for the latest W***$ Ton.

PC Support:
New to the web? Help with manually preparing your web page - which can be much more efficient than using any web tool,
can be found at Help with html, css, xml, and lots more. The site works well without inline frames and without javascript except the "try this" portion. Please don't create Flash websites- they are disabled unfriendly (images and javascript seem to rule), remarkably prone to security problems, almost invisible to search engines, have questionable privacy, and most browsers are deprecating Flash for HTML5 (except youtube connected Android). web site coding reference


I'm not at all fond of websites that insist on javascript when they really don't need to - if your content can be made visible without script, make it so. Loading content, hiding it and using javascript to show it is silly. See how to hide and show content without using any javascript.

A slightly more sophisticated page demonstrating that you DO NOT need scripts to handle content tabs or expanding/collapsing part of the page is also available- a page using Content TABS and EXPAND/COLLAPSE with pure CSS, no scripts. Just list the source for the page to see how it is done.

Expand this following section for some sites that use scripting. (Access key is j, see your browser help on how to use accesskeys). Expand for links to look up detailed UK rail fares; and see a very detailed mapping of Lancashire.


If you want to add bells and whistles with script, by all means do so. But let your content be visible without. Example- I have a specialised search page for the TI99/4a, with lots of search boxes, and used voluntary javascript to copy the contents of the top box into all the others boxes (except one!). No problem if javascript is disabled, a little extra if it is enabled.

There do seem to be some web sites that really really do need javascript. Here are some that I like.

Google maps no longer works for me. Goodbye google maps. Google news rss no longer available in Akgregator. Goodbye google news. Google search now getting very snarky and telling me I'm not human!!! Get lost gggggggrrrrr. Remind me- g...g.. who? Incompetent. Arrogant. Now they have destroyed youtube.

British Rail fares- all of them- with all the detailed limitations for each fare, an American website that really puts a lot of data into view. For some destinations/fares that are restricted on where they are sold, (eg only sold in Greater Manchester, only sold by Chiltern Trains), it may indicate "No fares available" and you will need to research the availability yourself. A few omissions- eg lacks "accompanied child fare" for Greater Manchester (only to be found hidden on TFGM website!) and most inner London fares missing (try Heathrow to Euston).

Lancashire Complete at first looks like just another mapping site, but this has everything mapped (nearly)- the grit bins, the lamp posts, bus stops, post offices, pharmacies, when bins are emptied for a particular property, old aerial shots- but only for Lancashire. Still a worthy web site. HOWEVER they use an oddly variable javascript- using Opera and telling the site we are using Firefox prevents full map view, so they are not serving standards compliant css. In common with so many sites there are hundreds of coding errors- mostly from external CSS from - in this case the culprit seems to be an invalid value for property zoom: "ght-tabs .dijitTabRtl,.dj_ie7 .dijitTabContainerLeft-tabs .dijitTabRtl {zoom: 1;"

I really don't like websites that use flash, no way, no sir. Hate 'em.

WHY does anyone use WIX to make their websites? I keep finding them and can't use any of them- pure blank pages to me. Yes it is free but you get what you pay for. The pages may LOOK appealing to you but the code produced is horrendous (including graphics with no text tags!), none-standard, unreadable, and content-less - it may seem pretty on YOUR device but try a few other devices running different systems or browsers. Always have content available for text browsers (and screen readers) to drop to. Consider the proportion of the population who are registereed blind and disabled and consider the intention of the unenforced discrimination laws!

And I REALLY don't understand why the largest websites (goog and twit and ubend and even wikip) are very aggressively sniffing browsers and arrogantly REFUSING to serve content if your browser isnt on their list of three and updated in the last three months.... it doesn't matter if your browser is capable of seeing their website (and why would their website insist on a this months browser?- 'cos it has holes in it they can utilise...). The Internet is coming to an end, controlled by G, NOT for the better.

Check the links and syntax on your web page and more at Addy and Associates site. They require that you do not turn off referrer logging.

Make a long URL smaller

Historic Statistics for visitors to this website Expand or collapse this section to see the content- access key to toggle is x, see your browsers help on how to use accesskeys.

Ancient statistics  

General changes to browser settings mean the numbers for periods are not directly comparable but generally indicitive.
Quite a large drop in visitors.
Oct 2015-689 UV..:June 2016-647 UV ..:.March 2017-778 UV :..Feb 2018 496 U visitors.

Op system:

Are you writing software or websites restricted to Windows 10 and given up supporting anything less???? 45% of my visitors using Windows in Feb 2018 were using versions less than 10. Visitors using MS continue to decline as Apple moves slowly towards dominance.

Browsers- Note that these can be spoofed:
Safari... 8%....10%....12%....17%......24%....23%....21%...26%....26%
And.Webk.......................7%.......3%.....2%.....2%... 0%---

The most popular sections of the web site - page views out of a total of 785 (1247 in March 2017) were:
TI99/4a section 235 views (30% of total, down from 47% in 2014 and 36% in 2016), a section of the web site in sharp decline and no longer worth the immense time maintaining;
Poco a Poco 105 views (13%), 112 views in 2016.
Moomin 109 views (14%) - 89 views in 2016.
St Thomas Church 77 views (10%)

There was a significant decline across the board, possibly due to Google searches becoming increasingly irrelevant. Moomin views seem to be holding up and this continues to be the most popular single page.
I wish I knew why people were still searching on the Poco so long after its demolition.
The once principal TI-99/4A section is declining rapidly now, and I receive zero feedback - and the indications are that with dropping viewers I can now stop maintaining the section.
There will be no newer stats as I have no access to server logs and there is no free service left that works for me.

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