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Please send your emails in text format.

Stephen Shaw - - Contact

To use the above email address remove the GHY and replace DOT with . (full stop or dot) Replace AT with @

LINK REQUESTS: Please DO NOT send emails asking me to link to you. Such emails are now automatically binned unread, due to harassment by certain parties. People have been asking for links who have not read this site nor even read this page- and whose web sites have absolutley no connection with the purpose or content of this site.

Despite the above paragraph, I continue to receive requests for adverts, so here it is once more in shouty large letters- apologies for literate web users, it seems not everyone can read the little letters....
Isa vēbasā'iṭa kē vijñāpana svīkāra nahīṁ karatā (for where most emails come from...)

Apart from that happy to hear from you, but please be aware that I may not be able to respond personally to you.

Are you a COMCAST customer? Why? Sorry, I am often unable to send emails to any email address at Comcast. Speak to Comcast about their interfering with your mail. They are not only blocking spam, they are blocking legitimate mail. Some ISPs use the "services" of an outfit called Trend to filter spam. Trend are - to put it nicely- unreasonable and their blacklisting of whole ISPs prevent multitudes of clean and legitimate emails from being delivered. Can you imagine the paper mail service refusing to deliver ANY mail from New York because they think too much unsolicited advertising is coming from there? On the other hand some websites use Cloudflare to prevent anyone accessing their websites... weird world.

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