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TI99/4a Sources of Information

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If you use the TI-99/4a computer, or one of its many emulations, where do you go for more information? There seem to be a lot of quite old web sites full of links most of which are dead. This little page is a quick index to what I find most useful.

For a more frequently checked list of websites please refer to Other sources of info

First of course is this web site! Full of many years of articles produced mostly in the UK, with details of programs once sold for the TI computer and even some of the programs to use on your emulator.

An important source of information is to be found at which contains a wealth of information in the form of TI Manuals, User Group newsletters, a few books, some programs and modules for emulators and so on. Some of the document formats are a trifle aged for today (I cannot use the docs in MAX format for example) but many are in pdf format. Certainly a worthy place to search.

If it is books you are looking for, Ernie Pergrem has put together a good collection, now well mirrored across the 'net, including at

The Cyc / pc99w suite
The Cyc is a mammoth work of many years labour, sold as a commercial product. You receive The Cyc, a dos version of pc99 and a windows version of pc99. All TI material (disks, modules, manuals etc) is fully licensed from TI (who no longer hold any record of their consent!) and other copyright content is with consent.

You receive just about everything TI produced for the TI-99/4a, modules, tapes, disks, manuals and more, plus some books and magazines (eg Micropendium), plus some third party software, plus many user group newsletters. All in fully readable, searchable, and indexed form (PDF files). The index alone is over 1890 pages!

The emulator disk files on The Cyc are in pc99 format but are easily transferred for other emulators using a little program I have on my program download page, TI99 Dir, and I am sure there are others. Please respect copyright- and a mighty multi-year labour of love- and do not copy PC99 or The Cyc for others. You will also find some program listings from magazines and books are test-run and available on dsk files.

Seeing what you get may convince you. At whtech you have pdf files of the publications, some of which were never easy to read in the original! With The Cyc you have laboriously reformatted and often retyped text which is a pleasure to read, in a searchable pdf format, with indexes. So here, possibly for the first time on the net, a direct comparison.

The whtech site and The Cyc dvd do not have exactly the same issues of User Group newsletters, and I cannot read some of the whtech documents, which restricted me a little. The sample is by no means the least legible on whtech - some are better, some worse. This is just a newsletter I found in both collections!

Permit me to recommend The Cyc to you, supplemented by the other two sites I have listed here, and this one.

First the whtech.pdf:

Now from The Cyc pdf:

Want to see more? Well...OK.

Page of screen grabs from The Cyc.

IMPORTANT: This links to a page with lots of images, total size about 3 MB.


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