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Lots of film (and tv) information from IMDB whose front page is unusable, so to get at the data here is a search form for you to use:

Like Warner Brothers cartoons (Merrie Melodies, Looney Tunes) of old? There are lots of references which are now obscure but never fear there is an old website out there with a glossary of terms at Warner Bros Cartoon Companion - see Warner Bros Cartoon Companion or see copy.
Date order filmography of Warner Brothers Cartoons. || Music by Raymond Scott used in the cartoons - from

My Music and on-line audio and radio links are now on their own page.| Star Trek, Babylon 5 and SF links

Radio: I have a section of this website dedicated to early (1925-1940) articles on radio and television.

For many years (1978 to 2006 : not 1973 as the BBC state) Radio 4 used to start up with the Radio 4 theme, but there is an archived BBC web page about it (NB the stream is no longer available) : BBC Radio 4 UK theme. The theme was placed on the Radio 4 web site in response to the thousands who complained about its removal from the broadcast day (now the file has gone!) and in 2006 a CD single was released which made the top 30 for a week. There are several new recordings of it on youtube. eg Radio 4 theme

I have an episode list of the BBC Radio comedy series The Men from the Ministry.
For a good TMFTM site, Gary Schajer's cannot be beaten . Did you know that there was a South African Men from the Ministry? and that the show continues in production - in Finland.

I have on this site a very large (83k) listing of radio and tv shows by Tony Hancock.
Some of my favourite UK radio programs are dealt with very well on Steve Arnolds excellent British Comedy web site. Also see Epguides Radio List and also The Global British Comedy Collabrative with episode guides in PDF and DOC format.
Radio episode lists for: Dad's Army from
Yes Minister ||   It Sticks Out Half a Mile ||   All Gas & Gaiters. ||    The Navy Lark from wikipedia.
   Take it from here first lines. |   | The Navy Lark First lines

Search RADIOLISTINGS using Google: An excellent resource for old UK radio program lists is "Radio Listings" (sadly a site rewrite has hidden the content pages!!! Nothing can be found or seen with javascript off. BUT you could use this Google search of their website which returns visible pages:
As of 6/19 using the google cache sometimes gave many more useful results than clicking the direct link. Going back to before the site was rewritten here is a working copy from 10.17

For listings of US old time radio shows, a large set of lists are at For more on old radio programs including downloads and streams take a look at my music page which has lots of other things on it too.

A superb radio comedy web site is an unofficial Just a Minute homage , with episode guide and transcripts.

I enjoy Alistair Cooke's program Letter from America. A huge number of these are available to listen to from the BBC but they have made them hard to access from their main website. Here is a link to a list on BBC Genome with episode dates- by each date there is usually a link to the episode stating its subject. Lots of pages to page forward/backward. The link will take you to an individual episode page which may have a link to an mp3 download and/or a written transcript.

Search for UK radio drama: For a British slant on radio drama programs (but no audio), Diversity has lots of information on British drama - search by anything listed in Radio Times radio pages (title, actor, director etc) here:

To identify old British radio programs and research BBC radio and tv programs, I find the BBC Genome website with searchable text from Radio Times from 1923-2009 very useful. Note that due to use of OCR some names may not be correct and be prepared to search separately on two items to locate a program! eg program name then if that fails try an actor or director. You can also see programs on any particular date. Some programs alas never had much detail in Radio Times.

Television TV viewers can enjoy P Hills British TV Comedy database with brief synopses and some episode guides (from 2015 web archive), or see lots of episode lists and guides at (who now have some UK radio shows also).

The next two websites seem to have been hijacked, or have made a dreadful error, and for the time being I am linking to copies of the websites at and suggest you do not provide the apparent website with any personal information.

I am fond of I Love Lucy which has not been shown in the UK for some time, and the radio program which came before it, My Favorite Husband.

Encyclopaedia of Television was once a useful website but has become a paywall with no accessible navigation, (images only, javascript only, no visible content) - it was US based but covered UK TV shows as well- indexes articles on shows and actors. Try this archived link (2012): TV museum on

My favorite cartoons include:
The late Frank Dickens used to draw Bristow.    ||   free fall

From webarchive: Meldrum tv for testcards and TV nostalgia.

Short Wave Radio: ADDX 24 hour list of frequencies [Hörfahrpläne]

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