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Local Light Music and Classical Music Diary

Having been misled by the main music venues in Manchester and Stockport once too often, I now meet my musical needs with smaller venues and trusted organisers. Below are some light and classical musical happenings in the Stockport and Manchester area in the next few weeks. WARNING: Do NOT pay any funds to the Bridgewater Hall or to the Manchester Arena unless you have first read ALL their terms and conditions and fully understood them. You have no rights.

Organisers- please put SOMETHING up on the Internet somewhere! TELL people about your events! Hiding away in the dark chasms of a global "social network" is unhelpful.

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Admission is FREE unless stated below, there is often a voluntary collection.
The economic climate is having a serious impact on the type of music listed here, and even when we know there is to be a concert, finding information to present here is a major difficulty. Do let me know of anything appropriate (no vocals, no heavy drums, within public transport range of Stockport - and no more than GBP 15 admission). I can also record your music onto CD at very high quality- could be free or very low cost.
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Is anyone presenting music without vocals these days? Please let me know of any within a bus ride from Stockport. The number of events to go to is becoming fewer and fewer and more venues are becoming ever more hostile....

CARE re local train services - Travel by train around Manchester appears to carry unwarranted risks until further notice. Sunday services are particularly liable to often short notice timetable amendments (they have found a way to avoid cancellations! Recast the timetable before the train fails to run!).

Sunday 12th January 2020- Brass bands at Glossop recommence at 2pm. Sadly there remains no reliable Sunday public transport. I will relist Glossop when the first 12.30pm Sunday train has run as scheduled. It has been several weeks with regular cancelations. .

Wednesday 22nd January 2020- from 12:30 a harp recital by Alice Roberts at St Mary in the Baum, Rochdale, OL16 1DZ. Admission GBP 5.00 Pie and peas on sale around 11.35am with cheese and onion or meat; soup option, fruit pie etc to follow if you wish- good value low cost food and lovely tea. The church accoustics are ideal for a solo harp. A bit of a walk from the railway station but quite doable. Recommended.

Saturday 25th January 2020- Stockport Plaza, Mersey Square, Stockport- organ coffee morning (also tea and cake!) from 10am to 2pm, a variety of organists play the 1932 Compton theatre organ. Possibly a little piano music. Come and go as you please.

Monday 24th February 2010- organist Nigel Ogden plays the Stockport Town Hall Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ for an hour from 12 noon. Admission GBP 2.20. Use the entrance to the ballroom on Edward Street.

ADVANCE NOTICE Sunday 29th March 2020 2:30pm Stockport Town Hall, Edward Street, Stockport SK1 3XE. GBP10.00 - SCOTT BROTHERS DUO- DUOS FOR PIANO & WURLITZER ORGAN. Don't be late!

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