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This page is a note of people, places and things I am trying to find more information on. I have already tried FrRe-Un and FB. If you have any information please contact me

Family Line- possibly Irish connection? - does anyone know of Ann Carty Hughes, daughter of Elizabeth Sheeves? I am trying to get back from the Sheeves line and getting nowhere. I do note that Carty and Sheeves abound in Ireland but Ann Carty Hughes was in North Wales.

. two interlinked winged circles Here is some interesting symbology to decipher, found in Rochdale. Built about the same time (1925-1930), the Catholic church of St John has an image of Christ in Glory standing on a blue globe representing creation. In the Anglican St Mary the Christ in Glory is standing on two interlinked winged circles. I have some pointers to these but does anyone have any definite ideas as to the use of these winged circles symbols in a Christian Church? Can they be found anywhere else? Thanks.

People- I'm just curious to know how these folk have been doing, with no special need for contact.
Jacqueline Speak and Jennifer Hatcher both born around 1950, both in Singapore around 1960. Jennifer's father was John Hatcher.
Joanne Cooke born around 1949, was in Singapore around 1960.
Joan Williams, born early 1950s, lived in Wimbledon in 1958 and later moved to Clacton.
Susan (Sue) Gibson born late fifties/early 60s, lived in Essex, possibly attended Belfast Queens.
Philip Bailey, born around 1950 attended Stockport School and lived in Stockport (Warwick Close?) in 1968.
Derek Bedford born around 1950 attended Stockport School and lived in Stockport in 1965, attended York St Johns and possibly went to work as a teacher
Ruth (Elizabeth) Banks, born around 1950, lived in Gatley, Cheshire, went to Cheadle High, married in 1972 and emigrated to Canada, believed to have died some years ago.Interested in hockey.
Paddy Bailey probably born around 1920-1935 who was in Singapore in 1962.
Isobel Reynolds who worked in a Manchester bank in the 1980's and went off to a remote part of Scotland.
Marie Partakis who worked in a Manchester bank in the 1980's
Rose Mezbourian, born early 1950's, who lived in Stockport in 1967 and went to London to work for Mildmay.
Stella Moss who was born c 1984 and went to St Thomas school and Stockport Grammar School
Ray Kazmer, who lived in San Fernando valley, California and died in 1997- would especially like photographs
Simon W Sorsbie of Tenterden and Ashford, Kent, born c.70's. Former computer programmer (TI and C64)- lost trace in 2016.
UK TI99/4a owners from the 80's- Neil Lawson (Leeds/Honiton), Harry Pridmore (Honiton), Francis Parrish (Honiton), Howard Greenberg (Manchester), Clive Scally.
Geof Arnold born late 30s? Ships engineer for P and O Line.

Does anyone have any memories or photographs of:
Cecil Shaw, known as George Shaw, born 1920, lived in Mold, Mickle Trafford, Wimbledon, Singapore and Stockport, spent time on HMS Arabis and Bryony and in Marlag und Milag POW Camp. Where did he work and what did he do?
Ireen Shaw, (known as Reen), born 1920, from Northop, lived in Mickle Trafford, Wimbledon, Singapore, Stockport. Worked at John Myers in the mid 1960's.
Cassie Shaw known as Mickie / Mickey, SRN, QARANC, born mid 1920s, Mold, forces at (Aldershot, Libya, Egypt), Clevedon, St Ives, Paignton... worked in rest home/ call nurse.

Do you know any of the people in these photographs (I have obscured the faces of people I already know):
rhyl 1930 who is this who are these RN men in 1945 unknown RN trainees mold 1948 who are these? unknown girls northop 1928 SS Corfu 1959 passengers who are these folk? who are these people? Humphrey Lewis shop 1911 lady smoking pipe 1927- who? pearly princess, three sisters, london 1981

girl in white nylon boiler suit Short hair girl with flag late 1960's We have some commercial photographs of models- one may be you, your parent or grandparent. The photos were taken mostly in the 1960s with some in the early 70's in North West England. Anyone know these people? Copyright is owned by the unknown commissioner. First one is for an advert of industrial clothing- in this case white nylon, and not from stock- specially made for the photoshoot. The model took away a pair of dungarees, this boilersuit is still with the photographers family.

Water colour painting in very poor condition- torn and folded and paint somewhat crystalised- with unusually four signatures in the margin. Possibly Europe. Undated. Any guesses on where, when and by whom?

Can anyone identify a two reel silent film made between 1917-1921 by Mack Sennett, distributed by Paramount, starting with a drug store wedding in which: the bridegroom is redirected to a rich but portly alternative girl; then back to the original girl (character name Miss Reilly) when she wins a lottery. The lottery agent eats several goldfish in the shop. The child of a customer, with dog, releases a cage of hens into the shop. There is some slapstick involving a large barrel high on a shelf and a fish-tail gas light. The girls father refuses the wedding and the girl later calls for the man at night to elope with him. Copy exists in Stockport but the title has been stripped.

Thanks for your time. Stephen Shaw.