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Stephen's Main Web Page

This site will concentrate on information and interesting informative links. This site has no java, no obligatory javascript, no obligatory cookies, no frames, no iframes.

What's new? Moomin page has much new material re English dubbed production. TI-User 4, May 1984. TI*MES 41 Summer 93, TI*MES 40 Spring 1993.     TILINES 10 and TILINES 11..     From East Anglia Region 99ers magazine - Issue 2, June 1987 and also July-Sept 1987 with hints for two adventures and file storage with mini memory.

My web site specialises in a handful of varied specialist niche areas, with a small additional collection of directory type pages kept up to date with pages I find most useful.

My first area of expertise is the Texas Instruments TI99/4A Home Computer, which I owned from the UK PAL launch, and still have. This web site has the full text of a commercially published book that I wrote in 1983, Getting Started with the TI99/4A

Also on this web site is a fine collection of TI99/4a articles of value to TI99/4a owners and users of the emulators PC99, Mess and others, and some TI99/4A programs to download for PC99 or Mess.
Other TI resources on this site, with links to a publicity photo of the computer, some music in .MID format originally composed for a very early TI module, a review of the PC99 emulator, and a memorial sample of the monthly columns of the late Jim Peterson, a longtime supporter of the TI99/4a computer.

A history of the 1765 Chapel of St Thomas in Heaton Norris (now called Heaton Chapel) starting with the text of a church history I published back in 1979, with photos.

About Stephen Shaw - former bank clerk and probation clerk, now retired, brief biography with optional pictures, or a longer format biography.
I have a small family photo album on this site, with thumbnail pages linked to from a brief text index page with images of my parents Reen and Cecil (George) Shaw and my son, and there is also a text index of many other images on this site.

Favorite Links
To learn about Animation from Japan read my Anime page
Some press cuttings from a radio magazine of the 1920's and 30's about early broadcasting - early radio, television, and film sound.

Back in 1942, in the depths of WW2, the British Ministry of Information produced a book with the boring title "Front Line 1940-41" and I have placed this (out of copyright) very readable book online, as the text did not seem to be on the internet.

The entertainment page covers radio, tv and film; also available are details of Stockport and Manchester area music makers and venues, and some current local (Stockport and Manchester) musical events.

Can you assist please- a page with names and photographs of people and things and places where I am seeking information.

Science fiction page deals briefly with books, tv and film in this genre.
Directory style reference links are split between the lighter sites and official and educational sites.

My Computer links lead you to useful pages for computer reference including Linux. Also links to old computer emulators and programs, old versions of web sites, and a generic UK mirror site.
Some favorite links to News and Weather sites, my favorite Search Engines, Travel links - including museums and art galleries. Specially formatted Mobile travel links.

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