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This is a simplified version of my travel page cut down and formatted for Kindle.
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Let Google reformat webpages better for Kindle: Use (not available everywhere and may serve standard page to your device or "could not be transcoded" message)- some links on sites won't work or go to standard page. Watch for previous/next links at page bottom.

Where is the nearest bus stop and when is the next bus? Online bus stop enquiry service - input your location, road or post code, for a list of bus stops within 1000 meters and the next 10 buses from the selected stop. Description and map indicate which side of the road.

Journey planners: National journeys from South East Traveline (mobile).   NW timetables   Derbyshire Bus Timetables

High Peak Twitter (0116 410 5050)

UK Train times and fares: Accessible UK Train Timetables

Here is National Rail's "todays train delays" page reformatted by Google using the service linked to at the top of this page: Today's train delays

Not every delayed train makes it to the National Rail website. Each operator has their own reporting web site, often outsourced to Journeycheck. Delayed or cancelled trains may be well down a very long page which is not mobile friendly (they have a mobile format which is even less mobile friendly...). Here is the very long page for Northern Rail   ||     arriva wales. These links are to "secret" friendly but sometimes very long pages.

Departure boards traintimes   and  current train status from realtimetrains

map:   smart Post Code Place OS Grid (E/N)  

weatherforecast   ||    UK Weather from Norway    |   Mobile Vn
Accuweather Mobile To change location go to My Settings at bottom of page.
Reuters mobile news    ||   BBC News.  ||    saynoto0870

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