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TRAVEL on the move

This is a simplified version of my travel page cut down and formatted for Kindle.
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Let Google reformat webpages better for Kindle: Use (not available everywhere and may serve standard page to your device or "could not be transcoded" message)- some links on sites won't work or go to standard page. Watch for previous/next links at page bottom.

Where is the nearest bus stop and when is the next bus? Online bus stop enquiry service - input your location, road or post code, for a list of bus stops within 1000 meters and the next 10 buses from the selected stop. Description and map indicate which side of the road.

Journey planners: National journeys from South East Traveline (mobile).

  NW timetables OR ELSE NW timetable list.        Derbyshire Bus Timetables

High Peak Twitter (0116 410 5050)

UK Train times and fares: Accessible UK Train Timetables

Here is National Rail's "todays train delays" page reformatted by Google using the service linked to at the top of this page: Today's train delays

Not every delayed train makes it to the National Rail website. Here is a very long page for: Northern Rail   ||     Trains for Wales.

Departure boards traintimes   and  current train status from realtimetrains

map:   smart Post Code Place OS Grid (E/N)  

weatherforecast today   ||    weatherforecast tomorrow   ||    UK Weather from Norway    |   Mobile Vn

Accuweather Mobile To change location go to My Settings at bottom of page.

NEWS:    ||   CNN News.  || from feedbucket.   ||   saynoto0870

Project Gutenberg mobile.

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