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This is a simplified version of my travel page cut down and formatted for Kindle. Kindle 3 users will be aware that most websites no longer load as the Kindle browser cannot handle the latest bells OR the web site owner has decided you MUST have a specific browser.

To get around some sites having security certs not on our old Kindle, you may need to use a proxy such as this: enter the URL you want in the search box, enter, on the next page press enter again.

Bus and train Journey planner: National journeys from South East Traveline (mobile).

  Manchester timetables OR ELSE Manchester timetable list.      NOTE All Manchester pages, skip down at least 1 page, first screen will always be rubbish. Click your chosen stop for a list of upcoming buses.

Useful telephone numbers: High Peak (0116 410 5050)       Hulleys of Baslow 01246 582 246       TM Travel of Sheffield 01142 633890

Trains UK Train times: Train Times -Accept invalid certificate!      

Realtimetrains- layout: simple or detailed. Simple shows trains stopping, detailed shows all trains and more info. First times listed are planned (arr, dep), last times are actual. For trains passing through first arrival times then departure times. Reflects current railway databases- note management can change services several times in a couple of minutes.

map:   smart Post Code Place OS Grid (E/N)  

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