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This is a simplified version of my travel page cut down and formatted for Kindle. Kindle 3 users will be aware that most websites no longer load as the Kindle browser cannot handle the latest bells OR the web site owner has decided you MUST have a specific browser.

Bus and train Journey planner: National journeys from South East Traveline (mobile).

  Manchester timetables OR ELSE Manchester timetable list.      NOTE All Manchester pages, skip down at least 1 page, first screen will always be rubbish. Click your chosen stop for a list of upcoming buses.

Useful telephone numbers: High Peak (0116 410 5050)       Hulleys of Baslow 01246 582 246       TM Travel of Sheffield 01142 633890

Trains UK Train times: Train Times -Accept invalid certificate!      

trial link: Realtimetrains

map:   smart Post Code Place OS Grid (E/N)  

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