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Diary listing Select this link: Music in the next week or so in date order summary, in the Stockport and Manchester area.
Alas, now all too little music as everyone is adding vocals or requiring online booking. If anyone knows of local music -no singing- please let me know! PLEASE- is there any music out there that is public, under fifteen quid, no drums and no vocalists, and NO requirement to book in advance? (Especially no obligatory online booking!!!) PLEASE TELL ME! Access by public transport is also required please. When the last bus or train is 6pm, a concert at 7pm is not on.

If you are a music maker or a small music venue (a church for example) within a bus journey from Stockport, within those limitations!- and would like your music listed, please let me know.
If any church organists within bus range of Stockport would like their church organs recorded, CD quality, free of charge, please contact me. Too many organs are collapsing and being abandoned, completely unrecorded. Free recording of other instrumentalists may be possible (up to 24 bit recording, 32 bit editing - my microphone has a 20kHz limit).
contact me

Organ Music Manchester still has a once fine but now sadly needing serious restoration Cavaille-Coll Organ which few locals know about.

Tom Gavioli's youtube channel- a huge collection of fairground organ recordings, some quite old. He also has additional music on other streaming services. Great organs, superb recordings from several decades. Many of the organs have fascinating histories and are worth researching.

Stockport Plaza in the centre of Stockport (Mersey Square) has rather fewer organ open days than it used to but the organ is a splendid and little changed 1932 Compton pipe organ well worth hearing. The open days are from 10am to 1pm, come and go as you please, hot drink and a cake available on sale. Additional donations welcome. The next listed date is Saturday 16th November 2019. Sometimes there are extras, maybe a short film or piano piece. Alas also sometimes a volunteer vocalist. As close as they can get these days to the entertainments of 1932!

Church style organs and music from Positively Baroque (lovely but requires javascript to select the required stream) or a different program on OrganLive.

A twice monthly hourly program of organ music (all types) from Oldham Community Radio is archived at Community Keyboards with mp3s to download.

For anyone missing The Organist Entertains, killed by the BBC as apparently there is no-one on the planet who enjoys theatre organ music today, there is a podcast available to download from Organist Encores including a monthly program from Nigel Ogden and a delve into his archives. If you find dropbox fails to deliver a file, change the end of the link url from dl=0 to dl=1 and it should download for you. Weird.

Mostly fairground organs, and some other automatic players, Mechanical Music Radio/ - as their "listen now" players will not work on my system and they have not provided a working link, I have created my own m3u file and if all else fails, try my m3u for Mechanical Music.

A useful resource with details of many theatre organists is a directory of organists (mostly theatre organ, some classical) online from Essex Organ Museum.

There is a fine (but incomplete) inventory of church organs to be found at National Pipe Organ Register- note that their website requires javascript to work.

David Price, Organist, Stockport born and educated, later a local teacher of music, formerly Assistant Organist at St George's in Stockport, visited the area in 2019, and at two churches I acted as his cameraman. The link will take you to a page about David with links to recordings of his visit to Stockport.

Brass Bands Stockport Brass (formerly BT Band, formerly POEU Band) - alas the loss of sponsorship at last led to the demise of this historic band in early 2009. Elmfield Band, Stockport was founded and led by Jack Bennett, and when he died the band ceased. Just a couple of bands no longer with us alas.

Boarshurst Silver Band have a fine bandroom, Sunday concerts, and a livestream of the concerts. Some pieces can be found on Boarshurst Band Room youtube channel. Good quality music and good quality sound.

Brass Band news is available from 4 Bars Rest

IBEW directory of UK brass bands- many of the web links are now dead, as are some of the bands, but the list is as up to date as such a quickly changing world allows. Other parts of the web site record details of 8400 historic bands now no longer with us with as much as is known.
They also have histories of brass bands archived from websites which may be no more.

brass band contests
Brassbandresults web page how HIDES its search form with css!!! So here it is for you to use to search on a brass band name, competition piece, etc:

On each band's page the Whit Friday results (where applicable) are below "normal" contest results.

Don't miss next Whit Friday, 5th June 2020. Many Tameside venues around 40 bands, several Saddleworth venues over 70.

Whit Friday contest details from Tameside results 2011-2017. From, Tameside results from 2005-2011.

Tameside Venues currently shows 2019 details.
After 2017 Tameside results are no longer published by the council but have been hidden away on a very badly written WiX web page- I have to deeplink to their pdf documents:    2018 Tameside scores  |  |  2018 Tameside Whit results   |  |  2019 Tameside scores   |  |  Tameside 2019 overall results

On the Northern side, Saddleworth contests - and copy of older Saddleworth website.

Music to save For brass and organ music see above.

Listen to...

COPYRIGHT- To the best of my knowledge all links below are to legitimate sources who pay appropriate royalties - in at least one case, music is happily supplied to the station by the performers, directly. Any copyright disputes? I will remove any links if requested by an authorised and recognised party (proof of identity and status required).

Online Music

An interesting site, Unheard Beethoven has mp3 and midi format files of music you probably haven't heard.

MID music files are disappearing! But try Classical Composers Midi which is now moving to mp3 files.

Lots of early British light music to download, especially Music While You Work from Masters of Melody - if their page looks blank, either disable css or enable graphics, their page requires one of these options! Plenty of information on the musicians.

Oldham Community Radio podcasts to dowload or listen to- click "Listen Again" at the top of the page that loads.

To download old radio (OTR) MP3s, visit Old Radio World.

With a massive number of really old radio shows, *Requires javascript* - new material appears occaisionally but often in vast numbers. LOTS of series to explore!

A wonderful archive of old shows from Californian radio station kpfa - kpfa history courtesy of John Whiting. Some really excellent programs, drama, music, poetry, lots, and the quality is way up there with the classical BBC radio.

Music to stream For brass and organ music see above! which has a genre based search, and some unusual streams to discover.

A new very small radio station in East Anglia (Norwich), classic1 (link to 128k pls stream), has arrived with classical music- a most rare commodity in these days of thousands of radio channels- a welcome change to the widespread heavy bass and beat.

Oldham Community Radio- has different music types and a genuine community station. Music the BBC can't be bothered with anymore. Folk, organ, classical, 50s, quite a mix typically in hour long programs.

Current UK radio streams from

Births and deaths of UK musicians at Music Remembrance Not updated recently but a good record.

Ronald Frost Ronald Frost 1933 - 2015. On 1st October 2015. Canon Ronald Frost.
Director of Music at the Manchester City Centre Church of St. Ann from 1978.

I recorded much of his music- sometimes at my request and sometimes at his request, and here in his memory is a short (three minute) sample of his 1965 Passacaglia in E Flat (mp3).
The recording is from his last recital at St Anns on 28/7/2015. Ron is much missed.
Ron's widow Barbara passed away December 2017, also missed.

Read more about Ronald Frost with some mp3 files of his playing to listen to.

2018- current organist Simon Passmore has recorded a CD of music composed by Ronald Frost, available on request in church for a tenner. Marked as "Volume 1" so watch for another.

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