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Stockport Weather from:   Met Office UK       Met Office Weather Warnings
      Satellite view:Wetterzenrale
As my browser does not support https using elliptical curve I have to use one of the proxy sites such as one of these

Time and Date   ||    BBC  ||    BBC Weather Warnings which uses the Met Office as a source but better coded (never thought I'd say that...).

Wind speeds: 30 miles per hour is approx 50 km per hour is approx 13 meters per second.

Pressure Charts: Choose your weather model (isobar maps) at Metociel-
GFSE,   ECMWF UK,      ECMWF EU,    GEFS,       WRF NMM UK only       ||     The sun today

News Links

The fastest most accessible news web site (nb no images, no script, no css, no bells and whistles) is without doubt 68k news named after the not so powerful processor that will run it. Not updated by the minute and may be a few hours behind. No silliness about requiring a specific version of a specific browser with only specific settings- this site WORKS.

English newspapers all have a definite political viewpoint, some of them (not linked to here) excessively and unfairly so. Try these:
   CNN   ||    IBTimes via kproxy    ||    The UK Guardian

This is Money has interesting financial news but their various comparison tables have only the top 20 or so which often tend to be the organisations with lower credit ratings or lacking UK based deposit guarantees. Be aware that the UK deposit guarantee scheme is restricted to the registered owner organisation and not trade names - and some of the less strong organisations use many trade names, often not clearly divulged. Often only one or two providers can occupy all of a table given by this web site! Not good comparison tables.

     Japanese News: Mainishi     and     Japan Today        ||   
Brisbane Times (Australia)   | |   abc news (Australia)   | |   abc brisbane news (Australia).

Read current articles on all sorts of EU topics, published on the website of:
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