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In December 2015, Accuweather was 2nd most accurate for temperature- the then most accurate is no longer useable:
  Stockport weather from: World Weather(slow loading) ||   Accuweather ||   Norway Met Office

Time and Date   ||      BBC  ||    MET (BBC Source)  ||    Met Mobile  
World Weather alone has hourly wind gust forecasts.
Wind speeds: 30 miles per hour is approx 50 km per hour is approx 13 meters per second.

Satellite Images: IR from Germany ||   Pressure Chart from Wetterzentrale in Germany: US GFS Model 6am   || EU ECM model 00z
       The sun today
Choose your weather model (isobar maps) at Metociel- GFSE,   ECMWF UK, ||    ECMWF EU,    GEFS,   NAVGEM,    WRF NMM UK only  

News Links

An aggregation site I can link to again (they had a revamp and became unusable, another revamp and I can use them again) is Newsnow which is well worth trawling through.

English newspapers all have a definite political viewpoint, some of them (not linked to here) excessively and unfairly so. Try these:
Reuters.   ||    CNN   ||    IBTimes    ||    The UK Guardian

Always worth a read on technology issues is The Register -if you have problems, try turning off CSS and hit reload.

This is Money has interesting financial news but their various comparison tables have only the top 20 or so which often tend to be the organisations with lower credit ratings or lacking UK based deposit guarantees. Be aware that the UK deposit guarantee scheme is restricted to the registered owner organisation and not trade names - and some of the less strong organisations use many trade names, often not clearly divulged. Often only one or two providers can occupy all of a table given by this web site! Not good comparison tables.

A further source of information on savings and so on, Money Advice Service NOTE: In 2016 the Government announced this website would be closed in 2018. Canada ||    Japanese News: Mainishi and Japan Today ||    Kuwait Times ||    Khaleej Times (UAE) ||    New Zealand News

For important background and analysis, some of the more serious magazines make a few of their published articles available online, and some have web only content worth reading.
Read current articles on all sorts of EU topics, published on the website of:
The Parliament Magazine

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