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If you are searching on more than one word, it makes a difference whether you use quotation marks, for example "new computer" will only return a result if the words new and computer are next to each other, whilst dropping the quotes and typing in new computer will also find a reference to new 1995 computer.

Not using quotation marks can in some circumstances deluge you with reponses, so tread warily.

You can use an asterisk (*) as a wild card character- for example comput* will match both computer and computing.

You may use a plus and negative sign immediately in front of a word or phrase to ensure that word/phrase is matched (+) or to ensure that matches with the word are excluded (-). eg +comp* -compare

This site search engine by default will treat all words as "OR" so all words you put in the box will be searched for separately, with pages receiving a higher ranking if they have more of the words.

The site search engine can cope with a number of spelling errors, but it is always worth checking your spelling, just in case.

Or perhaps you are just on the wrong web site, in which case please return to my search engine page and give Google a try.

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