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This page is a concatenation of odd links I have found useful but really don't find a happy home on my other web pages. Some of these sites may be a trifle access unfriendly, requiring images and so on.
Summer only Pollen forecast from: (images required) BBC pollen forecast

Britain from Above requires javascript, zoom requires registration (free). Old aerial photos.   ||    Manchester Image Archive

Food Alerts from the Food Standards Agency.

Check food establishment hygiene via FSA (javascript is required)

Manchester Retail   ||   UK Electricity supply now

The following site works well without javascript, but maps require javascript- and work rather badly: Flood information UK
The met office site does not like older browsers, better without javascript but no maps: Weather warnings UK

Graphhopper Maps javascript required. Can plot a route between two places. Top right icon selects appearance- TF Cycle seems to show footpaths well. TF Transport is incomplete and out of date. Most maps show post boxes.

Screenshots for Mame games from

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