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This page is a concatenation of odd links I have found useful but really don't find a happy home on my other web pages. Some of these sites may be a trifle access unfriendly, requiring images and so on.

Food Alerts from the Food Standards Agency.

Check food establishment hygiene via FSA (javascript is required)

Manchester Retail     ||     UK Electricity supply now

BBC Weather Warnings doesn't crash old browsers! but is restricted to regional areas only, lacking the details the county level met office detail.

Flood information UK

Free Scraps Box -Japantoday shows you how to fold a piece of oblong paper into a useful paper box (small for pips and seeds, larger for fruit peel...). We make them all the time! Cost nothing and can go on the compost heap.

Map symbols used on Openstreetmap maps- tiny little icons -what do they all mean? There are a lot of them.

Online translator - javascript is required. 1000 character limit.

Screenshots for Mame games from

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