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DOWNLOAD TI99/4a programs

Jump to disks of programs formerly offered by Stainless Software
How to emulate a TI99/4A with MESS (Windows Vn 0.37)
How to use PC99 in Linux using dosemu

Users of TI99Sim can read either format of disk offered here.(v9t9 or PC99 disk formats).
CAN YOU HELP- list of TI programs I am looking for in Emulator format. ..

New 2021- a zip file of 36 programs formerly sold by Stainless Software compiled to run with the FG99 module plus 32k ram. Now the Basic and Extended Basic games run just a bit faster (speed has been adjusted to ensure the games are playable...).

NEW FOR 2020: An excellent collection of XB games from hlo, including splendid versions of Uno and Mille Bornes -both are commercial card games. This Uno implementation includes the "Uno" rule- when playing a card leaving one left a player must call UNO, in this case by pressing U after confirming the card choice. Any delay and you get more cards. Each dsk in the collection will autoload the game when you select XB.

Some long lost programs on this latest disk, five of them previously offered on sale by Stainless Software! Maple Leaf's DEVIL CRAZE, Martin Hobb's SPLODGE, Norton 3-D Star Trek (anyone have documentation?), Mr D by SP Software, and Paul Triffit's WORMCHASE. Added is a Roland Trueman delight, Reindeers Revenge, plus Powerball, Snowtrek from Pewterware. plus Maketracks. (I found a disk with Cutoff, SSPD5, but it was corrupted!)

A Windows program called TiDir (v5.2) is available here (right click to save - 332kb) which can read both PC99 and Mess (0.97) TI emulated DSK formats, show TI Artist pictures, list basic programs and read DV80 text files, convert between the formats and allow file transfers between TI emulated disks. It will run in Linux using Wine. As Fred's web sites disappeared for a while, I have added the file here. Fred released it for free - many thanks.
Fred's TI Dir page with Vn 8.2c, now called Ti99Dir. 8.2c has a fully working TI file on a disk rename capability.
Older copies are available from

The programs for download below are in the disk format used by PC99 unless otherwise indicated. PC99 is a commercial program for DOS which emulates the TI99/4a hardware. PC99 is a COMMERCIAL program from CaDD. pc99w for windows is a work in progress but is sufficiently advanced to say most classic TI programs run fine.

In 2015 youtube had a video of Mike Wright demonstrating version 5 of pc99.

Several thousand programs for PC99 can be found on The Cyc from CaDD Electronics,    look at The Cyc which has programs plus huge amounts of documentation, many books and manuals - all legally copied and reformatted in searchable form, (NOT badly scanned or worse, badly OCRd) - much considerable effort. Includes legal copies of all TI modules in PC99 format, including the much sought Tunnels of Doom module.

Might look costly but a huge amount of work has gone into it- an immense organised fully searchable library (the index alone runs to 1800 pages) plus TI programs and modules. Look at the quality of Cyc content here.

A huge resource of file to download can be found at Western Horizon Technology ftp site- lots of programs (eg for pc99) and documents. My main sources for TI99/4a information

General comments
The TI-99/4A had two independant clocks, one for the CPU and one for the VDP which controlled sprite speed. As these were not tied to each other in any way, normal variation meant that you could not assume a sprite would move a constant distance whilst a program command was executed on two different consoles. There was a significant variation between US and UK consoles. Thankfully PC99 allows you to fine tune sprite speed to perfection.
If you use the MESS TI99/4A emulation, here in one handy dandy zip file (a mere 340k or so) are the disks from and including "Conways Game of Life", reading this page downwards from Life (read down this page). I make that 10 disks. I use the Linux plf version of xmess-sdl and xmess-base number 0.97 which uses 90k and 180k .dsk files. Mess 0.97 is still available on the Internet. Many users will prefer to avoid Mess after Vn .106 due to graphics mode changes.
Remembering John Conway, British mathematician, who died in 2020 after contracting the corona virus.

Source code Back in 1988 Jan Alexandersson released the BASIC source code for the Personal Record Keeping (PRK) and Statistics Modules. They were almost unnoticed. He includes brief details of the now well known alphabetical calls (CALL A etc) and introduces us to single low value ASCII calls eg CALL followed by character value 5. His disks include short DV163 portions you can merge in and edit- the easiest way to get a character 4 into your listing.

Jan Alexandersson's 1988 Personal Record Keeping source disk and his Statistics source disk.

Also see my own HTML representation of the syntax of the extra CALLs and the PRK source code.

Useful Utility Programs Added January 2015.

11 disks in v9t9 format (ok with MESS) zipped into one file Download zip file. Contents:
IMPORTANT: In testing two of these programs repeatedly trashed an emulated disk but generally worked. ARC and NEATLIST. When using any of these programs please ensure that any emulated disk visible to the program has been backed up first!
Colist (two column printing); DM1000 v 6.1- most users preferred to use this to the Disk Manager module.
DM99V23.dsk from Mike Dodd loads with XB and can be brought up at any time with FCTN 7 (restores your screen after use)
funlweb5.dsk is funlweb 4.4 using the funlwriter editor v.5. I have placed notes onto Ninerpedia. Disk includes diskreview. From Tony and Will McGovern.
fweb44a.dsk and fweb44b.dsk are the full Funlweb Vn 4.4, with version 4.4 editor, full documentation, and some content (80 column and foreign files) in ARChived format (DF128). DSKU is included but fails to work on my emulators.
neatlist.dsk by Danny Michael uses the Extended Basic call CALL LINK("LIST")- for some reason if you list to disk it uses a DV254 file format. Note the caution above and backup all visible emulated disks before using this utility.
pilot99doc.dsk and pilot99xb.dsk are Thomas Weithofers pilot99, for Extended Basic load and with full documentation. Note that no editor is included- write your Pilot99 program in a DV80 file (if using TI Writer or similar, use PF instead of SF to avoid saving the tab settings.
textload.dsk by Curtis Provance, probably the most useful program here today, using Extended Basic, a few simple CALL LINK commands allow you to read DV80 text files into the XB command line, which can be used to input program listings or as a batch file. You may for example use your PC to scan a TI listing in a book, OCR it, and save it as a text file (80 column limit). TI Dir can then transfer the text file to TI DV80 format and textloader can load it so that you can save it as a program...
One disk smashdisk.dsk has a number of programs:
SMASH (uses the LOAD program on the disk) compacts your XB programs
Unbasher by Barry Traver will make smashed programs readable again by splitting the lines up.
Extractor is an XB utility from George Steffen which allows you to take a few lines from an ExBas program.
Squeezer is a TI Artist image reducer (eg makes image smaller).
Unpacker is to extract files from ARChived files.
Pilot is a very early ExBas interpreter I put together many years ago. Simple but it works.
Archiver 3 is to archive/unarchive files to DF128 files. Note warning above and back up any disks visible before you use this.
T-Shell from Travis Watford is an ExBas command line disk manager- just type eg CATALOG for an onscreen disk catalog etc.

30 years after November 1983 To commemorate the passage of thirty years since Texas Instruments announced to the world that they were going to stop making the Texas Instruments TI-99/4a Home Computer, a special offering of programs formerly offered by Stainless Software. When I closed it down I asked my programmers if I could donate their programs and many of them agreed, I then sent out the programs to eg Jim Peterson. Now they are on whtech, the cyc, the gamebase and even I am so glad I did that!

Refer to the online archived Stainless catalogue for descriptions and screen grabs.

Two more Stainless disks (stain01, stain02) with programs formerly sold by Stainless Software. Every program will load and run in Extended Basic using the LOAD program on each disk. Many have full documentation. Contents:- Blackbox (Stephen Shaw); Braintwisters 2 (Titan Software); Challenge Poker (Pewterware); Addvance from Not Polyoptics; Flip Flap (Roland Trueman); Norton Graphics; Norton Music (those last two from Norton are primitive museum pieces!); Hungarian Squares (Stephen Shaw); Pen the Pig (Mike O'Regan); Norton Super Frogger; Norton Tanks; The Wall (Neil Lawson); TXB by Tony and Will McGovern; Patscram Mission by Patrick Strassen; Beetle Walk (aka Beetle Run)(Roland Trueman); Scribble (PRP Computergraphics); Crossword Challenge (PRP Computergraphics); Backgammon(Not Polyoptics); Cosmopoly(Not Polyoptics- not actually offered by Stainless); Crosses(Not Polyoptics); Halloween (SP Software); Laser Tank(Not Polyoptics); Ophyss(Not Polyoptics); Pengi (SP Software); Radar Defence (Stephen Palmer - Pauline Programs); Roll 5 (Pewterware); Roo (SP Software); Sengoku Jidai(Not Polyoptics); Skydiver(Maple Leaf Microware); Tower(Not Polyoptics); Starprobe (Mark Sumner); Mining Game by Ian Pegg (inspired by the board game Mine a Million).[Roo keys to use: S left D right E climb; X duck (level 1); K punch, J Jump - jump to fruit and bells for points, punch apples and monkeys.]

I have amended Sceptor of Kzirgla to run in XB, plus added a few more programs- all will load and run in XB using the supplied LOAD program. Sceptor is from Kuhl Software, with thanks to Mike Wright for the game file and to Bill Kuhl for allowing it to be distributed. Additionally in this new disk zip file (stain03) are former Stainless programs Checkerboard Squares from PRP Computergraphics; Tractor Follies from Pewterware and Tank Atak from S Bindoff. Also included here are Runes and Glyphs by R W Kinserlow; Domino Factor by Mark Sumner; Imhotep (no credits); Jounce by Rob Jarrett; Mazzo by Tony Constantinidis; and Railways (no credits).

A mess/v9t9 format disk (stainless8) zipped up- contents are from Not Polyoptics - Ant Wars with docs; Shuttle Command from FFF Software; Lunar Lander from Norton Software; Noteworthy and Second Floor from R Trueman; Patscram Mission from Patrick Strassen; Battleships from Ian Pegg; Hungarian Hex from Stephen Shaw. updated Sept 2016: Added Not Polyoptics SHIPS! (thanks to Robinson Mason), I have modified it to run in ExBas. Docs added as a pdf.

A mess/v9t9 format disk (stainless7) zipped up- contents are from Pewterware- Decathlon and Goblin's Revenge; from Steve Myers-Fighter Pilot; from Malcolm Adams- Galactic Encounter and Breakpoint; from Ray Kazmer: Texas Ranger; from Not Polyoptics- Bankroll (with full original documentation); and from Norton Software, AttackMan.

Another DSSD disk in TI Emulate/v9t9 format- Stainless6.dsk (zipped) - all formerly sold by Stainless Software- Blue Grass Sweepstakes-by Pewterware; Cross Country Car Rally - Norton Software; Cars and Carcasses 2 from Not Polyoptics; Cannonball Chess (2 players) - by Ray Kazmer; Data Rescue by Kuhl Software (Bill Kuhl, Mr Scienceguy); Gem Grabber by R Trueman; Greedy Green Grabbers by Paul Dickinson; Mad Scientist- by Sam Pincus; Rally Cross by Alistair McMath; Spring Heeled Jack by Graham Marshall; Hordes by Not Polyoptics with documentation; Up Periscope from Pewterware with documentation.

Two 180k DSSD disks in v9t9/pc emulate/mess/TI-Sim format Stainless Games Disks 2 (zipped) (stainless4, stainless5) - containing:
Beetle; Ian Pegg's Character Creator; Checkers (solitaire); Crazy Cliff; First and Last; Pompeii; Raging River; Space Rescue 2.0; Stoneville Manor; Trogman; Tukom's Kingdom; Forced Route; Kamikaze; Snakes and Ladders; Zarquon. Plus from Not Polyoptics, Tickworld and Starship Pegasus.
Crazy Cliff is the one that PB famously reviewed as being unplayable as he was unable to score anything or do anything. I'm not a good games player but easily scored over 500 and made the second screen...
Updated and corrected Feb 2014: The file I thought was Space Rescue turned out to be Interplanetary Rescue by W K Balthrop from 99er magazine, claiming (probably wrongly) to be written by Pat Crosbie; I have now added SPC-RESCUE which is the Space Rescue 2.0 from PS Software. This disk also contains my game Pompeii- I have since discovered that two Italians have separately translated my program to Italian (fair enough), removed my name and inserted their own (immoral and not at all cool) and distributed it (unlawful). It is the removal of my name that hurts most- claiming something as your own work like this is wrong in any ethical system. It is simply telling lies. Filename Caver/joy on stainless4.dsk is NOT the PS Software title Crazy Caver (Lantern Software) but another game of same title. NEW! 2022 I am fairly certain that a new file "Caverns of Mars" is a pirated copy of the PS Software "Crazy Caver"!

Three 180k DSSD disks in v9t9/pc emulate/mess/TI-Sim format with documentation.
Stainless Games Disks 1 is a 560k zip file holding three DSSD disks plus documentation. Programs in this collection are: Not Polyoptics 99Vaders, Cars and Carcasses, Khe Sanh, Maze of Ariel, Winging It; from W Alistair McMath- Bowls and Golf; From SP Software: Kong, TNT; from P Strassen: Patscram Mission; From Mark C Sumner: Pesteroids, Starprobe, Octal, Wallaby, Wonkapillar; from Malcolm Adams: Puzzler, Secret Agent; from Mike Curtis: QBONO; from Neil Lawson: Sir Prancelot and Robin Hood; from TImagination: Walls and Bridges, Zombie Mambo; from R Trueman: Billy Ball at the Hatchery, Billy Ball plays Catch, Billy Ball to the Rescue, Crazy Cliff, Flooraway, Second Floor; from Stephen Mynard- Frogger; from Maple Leaf Microware- Hang Glider Pilot; from Stephen Shaw- Hungarian Hex and Victorian Sewers; from DCR Software- Trogman. Enjoy.
Stainless Software catalogue.

Serious Programs In PC99 format unless otherwise indicated: easily changed to v9t9 format using TI-Dir.
First some languages to play with. c99 is based upon small-c, and as it produces 9900 source code, you need editor assembler to use it. It loads with E/A Option 5 loader. Four c99 disks in mess dsk format : c99rel4 program disk, c99rel4 libraries disk, c99 Tutorial disk, and c99 Example code disk

For something different, Pilot 99 by the late Thomas Weithoffer which loads with E/A option 3.

Now on to my favorite topic, graphics. Both TML and JBM103 are referred to in my TI articles, especially Rambles TI*MES 24 for jbm103.

The same article also refers to The Missing Link, also to be found referenced (amongst other places) at Fractal attraction.

I appear to be the only person to have heard of the French graphics utility jbm103.dsk. That is the disk volume name not the program name- it has no name and the author is unstated but I have located the source code and author name (Alexandre Mortilla). It has an Extended Basic load, and requires 32k ram. In my article TI Graphics I note that once you have jbm103 loaded your XB program needs to start with CALL LOAD(-31890,56,0) :: CALL LOAD(-31964,56,0) || CALL LINK("CLEAR") :: CALL LINK("SCR2").

[Text format updated note on the use of JBM103 and where to find the source code. (2020)]

In mess dsk format: The Missing Link is a fascinating utility for extended basic, and back in 1987 I even produced a disk of programs to use it- but no-one else was interested. The Missing Link plus Graphics routines for TML. Extended Basic load, requires 32k ram. The Missing Link Manual is available from Many thanks to Harry Wilhelm for the program and for allowing it to be distributed.

Enhanced Display Package v2.1 is another extension to Extended Basic and requires XB and 32k ram. Amongst other things it allows you to use either 32 (standard) columns or the 40 column text mode, for which it has replicated many of XBs display commands by means of CALL LINK commands.
Documentation for the EDP Vn 2.1, a 14 MB download, a zip file containing high quality tif image files.

And to complete a mighty collection, Fractal Explorer Vn 3 which loads with Editor Assembler option 3, and is not the fastest Fractal program in the world- but Vn 3 is five times faster than Vn 1 was.

Original TI user-written Diablo game diablo.dsk 90k disk image file to run in an emulator with Extended Basic. Set this file as dsk1 in your emulator, then select TI XB. If the XB auto-load fails the XB command line is RUN "DSK1.DIABLO". .
With the Linux ti99sim, use the command line eg [/ti99sim-0.0.10/ti99sim-sdl    --dsk1=diablo.dsk sxba.ctg]

Conways Game of Life An assembly code version of Conway's Game of Life, code written by Mark Wills in December 2005. Presented here as a small (19k) zip file, TI Life will run in PC99 using the Editor Assembler module - the object code is in the display fixed 80 format. Source code is included together with a small howto text file. Nice, fun programme.
Remembering John Conway British mathematician.

Basic and XB Games beginning with H Due to an item of feedback a new PC99 disk to download- added April 2000! Games beginning with H disk contains Basic game programs: Hamurabi, Hang Glider Pilot, Helpman, Hotrod, Hot Welly, Hunch Back Havoc, Hungarian Hex, Hungarian Squares, Hunted, Hurdles. Quite a variety.

Calculators and Converters And in case games are not your thing, here is a sample of what the TI was really good at- small programs for specific purposes - a collection of Calculators and Converters - (large file: 135k)

Basic and XB Games beginning with B The Games beginning with B disk is quite full (44k zip) and includes a short text file in the zip. There are two versions of Backgammon, two versions of Blackjack, Blackhole solitaire, TX Software's Battle Tank, Miller Graphic's Blackbeards Treasure; and Roland Truemans Billy Ball games- Billy Ball Plays Catch and Billy Ball to the Rescue.

Four Basic / XB games Four programs on the Golf, Cards, hopping and strategy disk. -
Trapped is a simple game of strategy where the computer gets better as it goes along
Turtle Hop is a really simple hopping game.
Par Fore by S David Yarborough is a golf game
Poker by Ron Johnson- good old card game with betting
There is a small text file in the zip.

Basic and XB games beginning with A A full disk for Games beginning with the letter A (44k zip) with ABM Control by Fantasia99; Accordion from Regena (Cheryl Whitelaw); Air Traffic Control by J J Volk; Airline by B J Brun (from HCM); Alien Buster; Archeodroid; and Atomic Wylli.

TI Annual Results, 2 XB games and a Garfield game for Tunnels of Doom module A small (24k) zipped (v9t9 format dsk). - Tunnels of Doom Garfield database plus XBasic games with four programs - three for Extended Basic and a Tunnels of Doom database.
TI 1979 ANNUAL RESULTS : possibly the oldest TI99/4A program around- Honest. A first demo program?
CHARGE - a small program where an electron is aimed at a point past a charged particle in order to hit a target.
PAINT by A O'Donnell. Paint the floor and don't fall off or get hit by a paint roller.
A database for the Tunnels of Doom module, which you will need in PC99 format. This is GARFIELD, inspired by the cartoon strip cat. (NB: this is another cat called Garfield, but go get the excellent comic books by Jim Davis anyway!).

Octal and Sir Prance-a-lot has two programs for TI Extended Basic and a joystick using PC99. Unzip and tell PC99 the resulting file is a disk. The zip is under 18k. The .dsk file contains two TI programs which require both Extended Basic and a joystick.
OCTAL by Mark Sumner, a very good American programmer (of PS Software) who was not too well known. The central gun is rotated by moving the joystick left or right and press fire to fire the bidirectional laser and destroy the enemy- and most important, destroy the enemy mines! You may need to run this at a slower speed than most Basic programs.
Sir Prance-a-lot (TI filename=Sirprance) is by Neil Lawson, well known to UK TI owners. Neil moved from Leeds to Devon to work for Parco and wrote in their magazine. Move from the opening screen by holding a key, and then start the game by holding a key down.
Avoid the obstacles. (Make it harder or easier by adjusting z).

Woodstock a zipped PC99 .dsk file of Ray Kazmer's famous 1987 program in Extended Basic. Unzip and it becomes KAZMER.DSK ready to use in PC99. The zip file is under 12k.
You may need to adjust the emulator speed / sprite delay to get this just right. It wasn't easy to make the US written program run correctly on a UK console either... but it is fun.

Extended Basic programs to run on PC99- file is 115k in size and is in ZIP format.

The programs are:
Ant Wars from Not Polyoptics- the original documentation is included as a separate (dos) text file.
Blackbox- the first Waddingtons game to be officially licensed.
Bowls by A McMath.
Bullrun. This is a strategic war campaign. Place your forces then watch as the computer places his, and battle commences. You may need to amend the keyboard reaction time for this one.
Challenge Poker from Pewterware. Original docs in a separate text file.
Diablo - not the recent PC game but an older TI game from Australia.
Golfp by A McMath, a very popular commercial TI Basic program which sold well in its day. Amended to run in Extended Basic.
Reaction by Malcolm Adams. Excellent strategy game for one player.
Testcard- this was comissioned by an engineer then working for Yorkshire Television in Leeds.
TXB by Tony McGovern - you will need to adjust the sprite speed in PC99. The exact value will depend on your system but on my 266Mhz PC I need to increase the value from 2200 to 3000 - use the debug command z 3000
Walls - Walls and Bridges from TIMagination with original docs
Wargame- from TX Software- original docs in a separate text file
Yahtzee (or Roll 5) by Tom Krohn, Pewterware. Original docs as a separate text file supplied.

Drop me a line or e mail if you need help with any of these. Please use subject line "pc99 help".
Send me an email