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This page lists all of the photographs on the site, with a description and a link. I have a huge number of images - if you would like more on the site, please let me know what you would like to see!

BANKS I have worked at...
Bank in Stockport 1968 (now demolished and rebuilt)- Stockport (10,012)
Bank in Levenshulme 1969 with very early IBM terminal (no screen!) and Jayne Scott Levenshulme (22,102)
Bank in Wilmslow 1976 (now located across the road in a new building)- decimalised NCR cheque encoding machine operated by Caroline. Note modern convenience nearby and warm weather clothing. Caroline was still at the bank in 1996. Wilmslow (19,306)
Bank on Mosley Street, Manchester 1994 - Manchester (29,195)

Family photos, people and places...
This is Stephen Shaw circa 1956 in the snow in Mickle Trafford, near Chester: Stephen (11,340)
The Street, Mickle Trafford, Reen, June and Stephen Shaw.
Gladstone Road, Wimbledon 1958: Wimbledon (13,610)
Dundonald Road Junior School, Wimbledon, 1958 (this photo was taken 1978 but it has changed little): School (21,019)
Butchers shop in New Malden - we lived here in 1959 but the photo was taken in 1978: New Malden (12,745)
Tresco Guest House, Singapore, Nov 1959 Tresco (25,845)
1 Winchester Road, Singapore: a Colonial residence on a British army estate where we lived in 1961. That is my mother, Reen Shaw in the doorway. Singapore (20,911)
1 Winchester Road, Singapore 1961, in the living room - my mother Reen Shaw and myself, Stephen Shaw age about 11. Our life in Singapore

15 Gower Road, Stockport 1963 Gower Rd (20,025)
15 Tatton Road North, Stockport- we lived on the top floor of this poorly maintained building, for a very low rental. It was in slightly better shape when we lived there- in this photo the bedroom to the left of the kitchen window is missing. Tatton Road North (21,901)

Taking down the Poco a Poco (formerly the Empress), at the back of Gower Road, the view is from our back garden. This is where I saw David Bowie playing unaccompanied with just an accoustic guitar in 1969. Poco image (25,525) (History of the Poco).

Heaton Chapel, Stockport, Cheshire. Built about 1900, semi detached house, 3 bedrooms. Photo taken 1998. First home purchased (33,107)

Stockport School, which was an all boys school for boys aged 11 to 18, when I attended in the 60's School (12,264)

My first girlfriend Vivien Worthington, this photo was taken in London, Spring 1969 Vivien (11,676)

Wedding Day - Stephen Shaw and Catherine Wainwright, Wedding (31,094)

Our son, just a day or so old here - George (19,622)

Our first cat, a tortie and white queen called Chloe Chloe (23,178)
And our second cat, a tabby boy called Paws Paws (18,041) and Paws (28,774) and Paws (27,780)

Taken from the opening sequence of The Secret of Blue Water, a 39 episode NHK (Japan tv) animation is this cute picture of Nadia (21,285)
Magic Boy was the first Anime I saw and a number of screen grabs are all on one page at Magic Boy. Now everyone write to Turner Entertainment and get them to issue this on dvd!

Computer pics...
Jim Peterson (the Tigercub) wrote monthly articles which were printed in almost every TI99/4A group newsletter all around the world. Jim (11,755)
This is a publicity photo of the TI99/4A TI99/4a (32,710)
Our first PC bought 1995 PC (16,987)

St Thomas Church, Heaton Chapel (formerly known as St THomas, Heaton Norris) - I have a church history with 63 pictures and three plans- please start at St Thomas Page 1

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