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Accessing a website via a proxy instead of directly may be for several reasons including increased privacy (always within some limitations).

I found it necessary to use a proxy in order to access some websites which have set their servers to refuse perfectly acceptible browsers, protocols or certificates. A proxy may be acceptable and then will send you the webpage with their server's setup.

Note that some website owners will deliberately refuse to serve content to a proxy server. These people may be considered to have no useable reliable content!!!

Anyway, if you need them, you need them so here are one or two that I use- these have been selected as:
1. They do not require javascript and
2. They serve their pages with reasonable server settings.

Note that in general terms you should NEVER submit any passwords or private information using a free web proxy such as these.

These links will take you to a page with an input box- type in or paste the required url eg https://www.thatwebsite_that_isnot_reachable

You will find that from time to time one or more of these proxy websites will refuse to serve you a webpage - this is probably to encourage you to take a paid subscription... or they think you are overusing them (eg kproxy will not serve anything over 10MB). They generally start working again in a minute/hour/day or so.

Some stupid websites not only insist on elliptical curve, cookies, scripts- they also refuse to send any content to any browser or operating system older than 6 months or to send any info via any proxy.... the internet is not what it was intended to be.

As my browser does not support https using elliptical curve I have to use one of the proxy sites such as:  
Some proxies have problems using some external css code and the results may appear different.

(There is no replacement browser with the accessability of the one I use, which allows me to rewrite webpages on the fly to avoid bad or silly page coding!).