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Reference and advice Links

Do you like cats? A couple of archived websites to visit- try a visit to Moggies. Also read the messybeast cats site 2013 Archive copy Messybeast I have the lyrics of a song about cats.
Archived leaflets (2017) on the care of cats from Cats Protection - I can no longer access their website - Cat care leaflets and more helpful information Cats Protection downloads

A short glossary of Indian menu items | |   Online guide to traditional games including dominoes, mancala, board games...

My own contribution- the board and rules of the game of Jakaro.

Internet Pinball DataBase | |   If Owls interest you, a really fine site to visit is (archived copy)

Traditional folklore can be read at Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts.

Lots of Nursery Rhymes

The individual stories from Andrew Langs fine collection of folk tales from the world- misdescribed as fairy tales- can be read on Mythfolklore.


Note: Initial reports are that the internet censorship (filters) mandated by our government are blocking some of the help sites below - domestic abuse help sites in particular are faring badly. If you receive a "denied" message for any site listed below, report this to your ISP and ask them to fine tune their filters. Your account holder may also be able to whitelist individual sites.

Childline- phone 0800 1111 help for children. Calls to Childline are always free and not shown on bills. The Childline website is NOT private. It places a none-disclosed not permitted cookie on your computer which expires in 12 months! (Childline therefore breaches our spineless privacy laws). And keeps track of how many visits you make to the website. Your abuser may access this information. Childline suggest you must surf with javascript on- FALSE! - you may need to ask your abuser to do this, also javascript can cause the injection of damaging code or information leakage. DO NOT install Adobe Flash which has serious privacy and security weaknesses and has generally been deprecated. Websites using Flash are always to be treated with care, those that insist on it avoided. Childline do not warn you about the record that Flash keeps of your use separately to your browser. Keep away from the Childline website on any device linked to you or accessible by an abuser. Strongly recommend: If possible, in your browser, turn on private browsing, turn off third party cookies, scripts and frames. Ignore the dangerous Childline message and keep javascript OFF. NEVER use Flash. Check for and delete any Childline cookies after leaving their website. Note that your browser will also contain a history (in several places) of the sites you visit and any search terms you type in.

Family Lives help for parents - 0808 800 2222. 9am-9pm Mon-Fri, 10-3 Sat-Sun. (NB short of call takers.)
The NSPCC website has been reredesigned. Here is a sitemap page NSPCC site map - look for "keeping children safe" Even if you only have suspicions of physical, sexual or emotional abuse of a child, it is far better to share your concerns by calling the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000.
The National Crime Agency (UK) Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command have established an advisory web site for parents called Parentinfo (link to archived copy) with many articles of assistance in helping carers protect children from online dangers.

The 116 telephone range has been set aside for free telephone calls to important help lines with the idea that the numbers are valid throughout Europe. However an organisation has to provide the service and is appointed on a country by country basis- so it can take many years to roll the numbers out across Europe. Here are a couple now valid in the UK:

Missing People is on 116 000 (free UK telephone number) 24 hours a day and offers help and advice to anyone who is missing, including under 18 and run away or adults, if you need to report someone missing, if you are thinking of running away or making a sudden new start, or if someone you love is missing.

The Samaritans now have a FREE telephone number (ignore the old posters with the premium rate 0845 number)- 116 123.

In ENGLAND only, first line none-emergency health advice from telephone 111, calls are free.

Domestic Abuse
Help for abusers (male and female) from Respect: 0808 802 4040 (Monday - Friday 9am-8pm) and a special number for male victims of domestic abuse (with abusive male or female partners) 0808 801 0327 - Monday - Friday 9am-8pm.
24Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline - 0808 2000 247 is only for female victims, IMPORTANT- The "quick exit" button may fail you, do not rely on it- it fails to function on my default setup. Women's Domestic Abuse Helpline

About telephone numbers
Since 1st July 2015, all calls to 0800 and 0808 telephone numbers in the UK are free from landline or mobile networks. Unfortunately at the same time all calls to 0845 and 0871 numbers have soared in price. Calls to these PREMIUM numbers are composed of two parts: the network cost, some charge more than 40p per minute, plus the call receivers charge, which could be free but usually will not be. One support line on 0845 charges an extra 7p per minute

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society

E-Texts: AJH bookcase contains over 500 books in pure HTML format, some with original illustrations, and only one or two in compressed zip format. Generally each book is a single html page so easily saved as a web page (mht) or text format file. Excellent range of mostly classic books and some very good books you may not expect.

Project Gutenberg - (I often have to access them through a proxy due to misconfigured https)
You can also use a Mirror site for downloads, eg
UK Gutenberg Mirror - file GUTINDEX.ALL has a full searchable list but is a big download. GUTINDEX.ZIP is smaller and has the index to search.
You can find the text of a book for example the 2016 books in GUTINDEX.2016, latest at top, to get to book 51616 enter from root, directory 5/ then 1/ then 6/ then 1/ and in there you will find 51616! Full huge index index in GUTINDEX.ALL.
Alternative US mirror: Gutenberg mirror
Note Nov 2020- display of some direct Project Gutenberg pages- another far too intelligent web layout spoils my viewing- to see the page as I want I have to add extra css: .footer{display:none;}nav{display:none;}

To go to a static page linking to Gutenberg servers- the Readingroom and Minho servers are not forcing elliptical curve at present- enter the book number into this search box (eg 3608):

Courtesy of the Pennsylvania U there is a better source of online books from Online Books. Their search results may offer a choice of mirror sources, some of which require elliptical curve https (Gutenberg main from 4/21), some don't (minho) and some you can drop the s in https (UK Mirror). Use the search box and mirror choice as an easy way to get to Gutenberg texts. Note some book sources have geographical limitations for access but the books are often available globally from a different source.

New online books- Note that main contributor HATHI may only allow a text search (eg the listing by Penn is false) , only have page samples, or have other restrictions- pretty useless in fact..    ||    Sacred Texts Archive

E-POEMS: From The Great McGonagall - his poems. To be read aloud.

Engines of our Ingenuity has lots of short essays about philosophy, science and technology, good reading, excellent on-site search engine.BUT you have to use ingenuity to access the website as they insist on elliptical curve https only- so I have to use a proxy to see their site!

From the early 80's is David Singmaster's Cubic Circular in its entire five issues now on the Web.
Issue 1,    Issue 2,    Issue 3,    Issue 4,    Issue 5 

TI99/4A Book Getting Started with the TI99/4A- a book written in 1983 about an early home computer from Texas.

Between poorly designed web sites and poor deliveries I have just about given up on buying goods on the Internet- over the years the buying experience has deteriorated to where it has become an INconvenience and getting a bus to the shops is less stressful. If you have good Internet shopping experiences, congratulations! But it isn't for me anymore.

It is always pleasant when a major reference work is made available on the Internet. The Church of England has released its services as below- confusingly each church can within some limits have its own forms of worship and there is quite a spread available. Services at other Christian churches can be very different but they are not on the internet.
Book of Common Prayer  ||  Common Worship ||   New Patterns for Worship
My favorite service has more or less fallen into disuse- Compline. And I very much prefer the older 1928 Service of Compline, no longer held on the Church of England site but this link is from a copy at There is also a more modern language Compline.

I'd love to link to some good Christian resources - eg a modern text of the Bible- but virtually everything is offline and copyright. If you have not read the Bible before or for a long time I recommend you start with Luke. Matthew and Mark, the other synoptic gospels, are also good starting points. One group of Christians avoids man made creeds and concentrates on the Sermon reported in Chapters 5,    6    and    7 of Matthew. Readers should be aware that Matthew was probably writing for people who were fully aware of and followed the Jewish traditions, more than the Gentiles that Mark probably wrote for.

Here is the kjv bible and commentary from biblestudytools who also have the 1951 Revised Standard Version), . or read the slightly later 1971 Revised Standard Version.

I found the 1945 New Testament from Ronald Knox very useful and his translation of the bible is online together with the Latin vulgate and the Douay version for comparison. Monsignor Ronald Knox was an ordained Anglican priest, son of the Anglican bishop of Manchester, a writer of detective stories, tutor to Harold MacMillan and inspired the Mercury "War of the Worlds" when a decade earlier (16th January 1926) he produced a play for the BBC involving live reports from London riots....

People calling themselves "Christians" often do not attend worship, and even of those who do, few follow the most extreme right wing elements which rather incorrectly call themselves Christian. Christianity encompasses many viewpoints and practices, with variety even in single denominations, so that one Church of England may be very different in some ways to another (and equally so with Catholics and Independents)

The same is true of Islam where not all attend prayers or fast, and very few support the "extremists". There is a variety of views, and as with Christians there are a few who proclaim loudly that anyone disagreeing with them cannot be of the True Faith.

In addition to the Holy Qur'an, Islam values collected sayings of Muhammad (pbuh) [hadith] with varying collections being given authority by differing sects; some include the sayings of his companions. Individual hadith are classified by Muslim clerics and jurists as sahih ("authentic"), hasan ("good") or da'if ("weak"). However, there is no overall agreement: different groups and different individual scholars may classify a hadith differently. Different branches of Islam (Sunni, Shia, Ibadi) refer to different collections of hadith, and the relatively small sect of Quranists reject the authority of any of the hadith collections. Varying authority is given to traditions (sunnah) and to differing extents, differing collections of scholarly comments and reports.

See the wikipedia article on Jurisprudence covering the various levels of authority.

Quran- written in Arabic this is intended to be read and memorised in Arabic. As such there is no widely accepted English translation.

[quote:" If the Arabic language is quite beyond us, we are not to blame nor should we feel badly. We can recite verses in Arabic by learning the sounds, and then find out what they mean by resorting to translations. We must never be led to think, though, that these translations are an exact version of the Arabic in another language. Any translation of the Quran is only an approximation of the meaning of revelation. You are free to read translations of the meaning of the Quran, remembering that the words of Allah were revealed in Arabic. You should not feel downcast or guilty that you don’t know Arabic. Try as best you can.].

Each chapter on its own, recalling there is no official translation, AAIIL version.

Courtesy of, a single 10MB pdf download originally on Saheeh International Translation edited by A B al-Mehri. ISBN 978-0-9548665-4-9. If you have not yet read it properly, take a look. (Like the Bible, taking a single sentence and constructing a whole outlook is generally not helpful, study the whole.).

Despite some unfortunate attitudes by a few followers of Christianity and Islam, it is for the individual to come to their own understanding and faith, and not for others to use abuse or violence against those they disagree with.

Something else to make you think a bit- (problem loading? these two links may require proxy access) International Times- fairly recent articles and plenty of poetry, raising issues with modern culture and politics with an emphasis on disagreement with the status quo - - and International Times 1966 to 1978 plus oddities from 1986 and 1994. These are page scans of old copies, not transcripts, the pages are images only with no alternative text. The chances are you haven't even heard of this publication, although one of the editors was David Zane Mairowitz who wrote at least 17 radio plays for the BBC. Not light reading, guaranteed to upset anyone who dresses to the Right- but there is some interesting material in these issues. Not to be too quickly dismissed (or taken too seriously: many minority viewpoints you probably haven't considered (and possibly don't wish to...).).

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