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Links that don't fit anywhere else is a page of miscellaneous but useful web sites I really can't categorise.

UK Government information and statistics

UK Parliament for details of Bills (proposed law) and Hansard (debates).
One single website,, now covers UK Acts (statute law)- and the thousands of Statutory Instruments now being used without review instead of primary legistlation. I like to read the little bits to be found in most modern laws which are often very interesting and rarely commented on. (For example- the draft Enterprise Bill allows a government minister to abolish copyright in the UK...).

Revenue and Customs || UK Dept for Transport (located on || The Office of Fair Trading disappeared 1st April 2014. For advice our government asks us to use the independent under-resourced charity Citizens Advice. It is not a government task to protect or assist its citizens.
The UK Government Site (NOTE- former web site DirectGov was closed on 17th October 2012. The new site is just The new site is simpler - which means a lot of information you want is not there. Try a search on "RPI" or "inflation". Nope. Also the tabs (eg for "detailed guidance") (and some other things) require javascript.

Mental capacity and Powers of Attorney are dealt with by the Office of the Public Guardian, whose website has been closed (2011) to save money, but useful content was moved to DirectGov which has now been closed (2012 - can you see a pattern here?) and is now to be found on where the link at the start of this paragraph will take you. uses https; uses google analytics and uses lots of cookies- link at their page top tells you about them all.

Official UK Inflation figures are well hidden from September 2011, here are direct links to the annualised change in some indices (note- tables go back to 1948, are presented annually, quarterly and monthly, and have the latest month at the bottom of page)-
CPI - CPI (also called HICP) (series D7G7) is the euro standard that ignores housing, and uses price geometric mean instead of arithmetic mean, which yields a lower result (can be dramatically lower) than the arithmetic mean used by all other measures below. This usage assumes that the consumer will shop at the lowest price available, and that the lowest prices are widely available.
RPI- RPI (series CZBH) is the old cost of living index
RPIX -RPIX (series CDKQ) is the one that ignores mortgage interest.
RPIY (series CBZX) ignores mortgage interest rates and indirect taxation (vat, excise)- NOW DISCONTINUED but old data still here.
[ RPI for two pensioner household (series CZJI - only quarterly) has been discontinued JUST as cuts to pensioner benefits are announced by the government.... hmmm. The old data is still on this link. ]
Discontinued data series are still being collected but are no longer published- eg official economic data is being deliberately hidden. Democracy....

If you want brief UK company info, go directly to the Company Search page of Companies House. Or free data from Beta site Companies House Beta. || Search for disqualified directors. For help with queries about what a Limited Company is and how it is supposed to work, they have lots of info in HTML and PDF format at Guidance booklets

The Official U K Statistics release calendar from
The government is determined to hide any official information and present it in as difficult to find or use form as possible. To assist it, the web site meant to supply official statistics has been givne SERIOUS reorganisation in 2011, 2014 and 2016. Information is harder to locate, URLs change every couple of years... we seem to have closed government masquerading as open government.

However with that caveat you may have the patience and software to explore a format of the website at UK Statistics web page located at

Recent house sale prices, rentals and so on from Zoopla - a new source 1/2013- prior source mouseprice has been dropped as they now insist on javascript.

If you live in England, own freehold domestic premises, and pay a chief rent (aka rentcharge) you may find yourself faced with one of a half dozen companies who are out to get money off you by purchasing your charge and then making up very high charges and demanding them from you. They will offer to sell you the rent but at a vastly inflated charge.
There is a legal scheme to cancel the rent charge (and all restrictions connected with it) operated by the government.
[for information: UNFORTUNATELY the law became (Oct 2015) impossible to administer until September 2016 when secondary legistlation amended the redemption formulae - the specification of variable Y was amended]
GOOD NEWS: All rents will be cancelled automatically around August 2037. The relevant Act is the Rentcharges Act 1977, which prevented the creation of new charges and enabled the cancellation in due course of existing charges. As the information on this is not readily available on the internet, here are the contact details effective from April 2013 following the continuing government departmental reorganisation:
RentchargesUnit, Department for Communities and Local Government, Ground Floor, Rosebrae Court, Woodside Ferry Approach, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 6DU.
If you have any questions about the process to apportion or redeem your rentcharge, email the DCLG rentcharges team at or call 0303 444 8095 or 0303 444 4560..

You will need to supply a copy of the deed that created the rentcharge and a copy of the Land Registry register (if the property is registered) which may be available from your mortgage lender or you can purchase copies from the Land Registry.
(formerly the Rentcharges unit offices were located in Manchester, then moved to Liverpool)
Note that "ground rents" paid by an owner of leasehold property, and management charges paid by apartment owners are not included.

Personal Finance

The Financial Services Authority used to have a very clear and useful web site about all financial matters (redundancy, retirement, credit, saving, tax - lots!) that has now apparently been outsourced as part of our governments deliberate removal of helpful internet information. The FSA now link to an apparently independent web site which has struggled a little with its coding, and has links that invisibly go to other domains (use of whole page framesets), some pages may actually require javascript. With a health warning, look at Money Advice Service which in 2015 removed its interest rate comparison tables which were the only authoritative and complete tables available. NOTE In 2016 the government announced MAS would be closed in 2018.
That leaves us with a fairly short list of rates at This is Money (their page links to other tables) which includes some suppliers you won't have heard of. Usual health warnings apply.


A lot of health information can be found at NHS front page- but WARNING this website is insecure and will share information with Google and Facebook - eg your IP address if you are not signed in to Facebook - or your ID if you are. It is well never to visit NHS webpages with javascript enabled and to refuse their cookies. See

For official government recommended health advice by phone from none medically qualified people who will use a computer query screen to collect your information- and a computer program that uses key words to target actions to take- a telephone health filtering and advice service (not emergency) is available on telephone number 111 which is free from all telephones.

Call 111 if: you need medical help fast but it's not a 999 emergency OR you think you need to go to A&E or need another NHS urgent care service OR you don't know who to call or you don't have a GP to call OR if you need health information or reassurance about what to do next.
For less urgent health needs, contact your GP or local pharmacist in the usual way- many GPs now tell you to call 111 outside surgery hours.

More secure and sometimes more useful patient information is available from a commercial body that supplies leaflets for GP surgeries- which is UK based - They tend to collect personal information for no reason- probably a good idea to give none and to refuse cookies. NOTE this site is essentially inaccessible using flash, javascript and really bad coding. Try this simple search form instead:

Unfortunately the search results do need script but instead leave scripting OFF and also turn off CSS- then instead of lots of white screen you will see the search result but you will need to scroll down a lot to see it. Type in what worries you eg "blood pressure" or "high blood pressure" etc.

The Legal system

Our government, passing more and more complex, divisive and intrusive laws all the time, is now saving money by closing down all official web sites giving guidance on the legal system. You no longer have any access to the useful advice once given online by Community Legal Service (closed 2011), Court Services (closed 2011), or cjsonline (closed 2010). The charity Citizens Advice (police) or later Citizens Advice (courts) may be of some (unofficial) help but their government funding is being slashed. National rate telephone number: 03444 111 444 NOTE: Any 0844 or 0845 telephone number quoted for a local Citizens Advice is a premium call (over 40p per minute on some networks) which CAB are required by OFCOM to tell you- my local CAB currently fails to do this. National CAB appear to be very slowly arranging 03 telephone numbers to their branches.

Educational and informative web sites

The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica is online at Wikisource - and also the Three 1922 supplements also from Wikisource.

View a yearly or monthly calendar online at Calendarlabs - or
A calendar using only html5, no javascript! click your cursor in this box for a pop up calendar:
(click outside box to close calendar)

Mathematics can be fun. Martin Gardner, Clifford Pickover, David Singmaster, Barry Martin, Michael Ecker - mathematicians that have kept me amused. On the internet, an excellent pot pourri of recreational maths can be found at Mathpuzzle
Copyright? or Copyleft? An interesting article on intellectual property rights.

A remarkable book by a talented decorator is "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" written way back in 1911 the subject material is ludicrously current. RTP is freely available on line - from Project Gutenberg as Text, HTML, Epub, Mobipocket and Plucker; and from the Trades Union Congress, the owners of the manuscript, have the Gutenberg text alongside the page images of the handwritten MSS - with the text fully searchable.

Politics Resources (UK) - enormous quantities of facts, figures, claims and counterclaims to wade through- some data handily gathered together on the web site and many external links. A site worth studying.

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