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Search ONLY this site using Google:

SORRY- Google are unusable these days, serving myriad bad results AND refusing to give results if you make intelligent filtered searches, and don't use javascript (using a javascript only no-robot captcha). Google now as a matter of policy downrank private http websites and uprank spammy no-content sites that tick the right boxes (= most recent technology), or that pay them (or they own). Please do try the following search engines.

For some reason tries to use POST when they require GET and the result on my system is an unfriendly error message. I have modified their form for your use at a translation form on my reference page (at the bottom). The only serious change is from method POST to GET and it works. Google have been told but merely say it works for them as is. I'm not the only one...

When researching on the internet, try not to limit yourself to one search engine. There are very few useable search engines left. I will not use any that insist on javascript. Search engines regularly modify their algorithms to reduce hijacked results (sometimes works, sometimes makes things worse!) so your favourite today could serve you junk tomorrow (and be back to best next month).
The various search tools have differing sets of web pages and differing algorithms. For difficult subjects it is usually best to use two or three search engines at least.
I have found it advantageous to try some of the other search engines below.

Qwant Qwant is a European search engine which has given me good results. This search form is to a "lite" version which does not require javascript or css3 and should work on most browsers. The base data is from Bing, augmented and reordered.

Metager METAGER is an anonymous search engine from Hannover, mostly utilising Yahoo which is really Bing, owned by M$. Yahoo seems to list pages missed by Bing, odd. There are anonymizing links on the results to take you to the page. Metager is ONLY in Germany and subject to German privacy law. Disregard the metager news option though, their SOLE source for UK Politics news seems to be a foreign owned far right wing paper not known for accurate and balanced news. Their map option seems to not function at all.

This search form uses https, filters, Note that this search box uses a modified search to return web sites in English only.

Startpage by ixquick Startpage appears to be driven only by Google, but offers different results. My links will give 20 results per page and the main links are to highlighted pages with a proxy page also available. If you choose the proxy page (not available on all websites) you will not be able to use forms or javascript. In both highlighted and proxy pages you can go directly to the page with unhighlight or unproxy at top right.
The results will give you a "UK Sites" option.

Search for:

Search Wikipedia
Does a wikipedia page seem to be blank? It is a long standing bug. Two work rounds- either sign in to an account OR add ?y=9 at the end of the url. (Or anything really after adding a question mark). There is a cache problem that account holders never experience.

The option "verbatim" stops Google second guessing you and searching on Glass when you wish to search on Lass- but it is a choice, either verbatim OR selected time period- not both together. Verbatim will ignore prior search bias, and also avoid synonyms. Some people may need to turn verbatim off. Watch for the sponsored pages at the top.
NOTE: Google now pushes contentless and spammy big websites but will hide small private websites with lots of content. Chances of finding what you are looking for with google are falling fast.
About Google Verbatim

Specialist Searches

Search text in Gutenberg books Search on the first 100k or so of the text in books held by Project Gutenberg using this subset from Google:
Google Full Text (enter phrases "in quotes"):

Texts on
Search full text of books on

This is a beta search of texts held on To limit the results use a long quote and put in quotation marks "something like this example".

Search Ratebeer using Google: Ratebeer and a website revamp means I can't use their search box (result = blank page) and I have to create this form to use Google....

Search IMDB for film and TV details     

Search in Science Fiction Encyclopedia

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