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Search ONLY this site using Google:
Google note: Google is now virtually unuseable with lots of page space totally irrelevant and "hidden" sponsored results. If one of the links to Google gives you poor results, copy the search to one of the boxes below. DuckDuckGo will improve on Google, OneSearch will improve on Bing.

Finding information on the Internet is becoming very difficult. Please do try the following search engines.

When researching on the internet, try not to limit yourself to one search engine. There are very few useable search engines left. I will not use any that insist on javascript. Search engines regularly modify their algorithms to reduce hijacked results (sometimes works, sometimes makes things worse!) so your favourite today could serve you junk tomorrow (and be back to best next month).
The various search tools have differing sets of web pages and differing algorithms. For difficult subjects it is usually best to use two or three search engines at least.
I have found it advantageous to try some of the other search engines below.

One Search This is a Bing scraper, run by Verizon, not biased by prior searches, no cookies, encrypted URL. No deluge of sponsored links. Note: Owned by Verizon, who have had issues with privacy in the past!! Usual Bing weaknesses but less the biases so may be more useful. Try it anyway. This form uses moderate safe search. I have to turn off CSS to select search period. Good image search.

The source of onesearch searches is Bing (Without script, it offers me no date filter, no image access!!):

Duckduckgo may serve a lot of irrelevant pages (sadly they retain the enormous Ggle spam content) and omits the obvious ones- but not QUITE as much spam as Google where I find often the first half dozen pages are totally irrelevant! Duckduckgo now allows a date filter. No image search works for me. I'd like to place them higher, but they are poor at finding the pages I want.

The option "verbatim" stops Google second guessing you and searching on Glass when you wish to search on Lass- but it is a choice, either verbatim OR selected time period- not both together. Verbatim will ignore prior search bias, and also avoid synonyms. Some people may need to turn verbatim off. Watch for the sponsored pages at the top.
NOTE: Google now pushes contentless and spammy big websites but will hide small private websites with lots of content. Chances of finding what you are looking for with google are falling fast. They also throw in random impossible captchas insisting you are not human.
About Google Verbatim
The Others I will not consider search engines that insist on scripting- they are, as a class, far too unreliable and prone to nasty attacks on your system- some deliberate and some just irresponsible. Gooogle as mentioned above can be very aggressive in insisting on unusable captchas, Yandex is even more aggressive! Mojeek- like Google- can sometimes be unduly defensive. I absolutely HATE websites that reject certain browsers out of hand.
Search mojeek:

Specialist Searches

Search text in Gutenberg books Search on the first 100k or so of the text in books held by Project Gutenberg using this subset from Google:
Google Full Text (enter phrases "in quotes"):

Retrieve Gutenberg Book
To go to a static page linking to Gutenberg servers- the Readingroom and Minho servers are not forcing elliptical curve at present- enter the book number into this search box (eg 3608):
Items on
This is to search for a book or tv or radio programme- this form searches the "meta" tags used eg "bbc" "drama" "treasure island" and so on, you can use several at a time.
Texts on
Search full text of books on

This is a beta search of texts held on To limit the results use a long quote and put in quotation marks "something like this example".

Infogalactic is a fork of wikipedia, with much of the same data but mostly only up to 2015 or 2016 although newer articles are imported. Inforgalactic serves pages happily to my old browser unlike that other website. Two buttons below- the GO button will only go to a page with a matching title, whereas the SEARCH button looks for the text on a page.

Search BBC Program Index
Search BBC Genome:
Scroll down the resulting page to see the results at the end.

Tidy youtube search At present Youtube is very hostile to who it serves its pages to, refusing old browsers and requiring scripting enabled. Here is a rather simpler search you can use, using "Invideous" coding. Type the video you are looking for in the input box below the word "INVIDEOUS" when the page comes up.
Easy to select date period, length and so on. Invideous Japan does not need a proxy- ignore the Japanese and use the search box as usual. When you have selected your video there is even a DOWNLOAD button to 360p or 720p as you prefer.

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