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Index to this site's sdlBasic programs

All of the programs are involved with producing interesting graphics with odd programs, the reason I program...

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AT&T Rose

Attractor- Pickover 3d sculpture

Banthorpe Plot

Bifurcating Lines 1

Bifurcating Lines 2


Cartoon Faces

Connett Circles

Dot Moire

Egg Tiles



Feigenbaum Diagram

Fluted Scallops

Gingerbread Man 1

Gingerbread Man 2

Henon Circles

Ikeda Map

Lorenz Attractor

Martins Map

Pickover Butterfly


Random Attraction

Sierpinski Fun

Sierpinski Gasket

Simple Plot

Starry Shapes

String Art 1

String Art 2

Symmetric Attraction

Symmetric Network Stability

M Szyszkowicz 92

Truchet Tiles

Visualising Random

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