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This page does NOT use ANY javascript.

A typical reason for missing page content is the use of the CSS code display:none (or more recently the HTML5 attribute hidden) which is then over-ridden by javascript showing a section, sometimes using on hover (useless!) or sometimes there is a target to click. Amazon have been seen doing this resulting in 90% of a page being invisible without javascript turned on. Of course you CAN over-ride Amazon's stupid CSS script with your own or turn CSS off altogether (messy).

A number of web pages in the wild can load megabytes of content and look blank - because the site visitor does not have javascript enabled - and may not be able to enable javascript or deliberately chooses not to use javascript.

To hide / show page content it is quite easy using only CSS. A site visitor with a browser without CSS will see the full content.

There is css which can be in the header or a separate css stylesheet-
    .showhide { margin-bottom: 0.4em; }
    .showhide .show { display: none; }
    .showhide:target .show { display: block; }
    .showhide:target .hide { display: none; }

The rest uses html code

DEMONSTRATING SHOW/HIDE USING CSS ONLY initially two sections are hidden below.

This section is about cats.
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Cats purr
Cats are felines

Cats sleep.

This section is about dogs
Dogs bark
Dogs are canines

Dogs romp.

And not a single use of javascript. This usage should be accessible-friendly.