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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy several disks of Stainless Software programs.
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Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4a Home Computer. Home Computing Weekly ran a full page story on Stainless Software in their 6th September 1983 issue. Help! List of TI programs I am looking for in Emulator format

This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape. We start with programs in the last catalogue, and I'll add older programs (dropped in later catalogues) to the end. Enjoy. Alphabetic list of titles and authors

Most titles carried the Stainless name only on the packaging, the actual coding, even where programs were only sold by Stainless, did not carry the Stainless name.

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Illustration of Ceres from front of Stainless Software catalogue 1985

screen shot from game Octal From the U.S.A, by Mark Sumner (PS Software, Challenger Software): OCTAL plus KEYS OF THE CASTLE. Extended Basic. Five Star review. 100% for value. 90% for playability and Graphics. Read the Review
In OCTAL, from your ship in screen centre you must fight off enemy ships attacking from the sides of the screen. Several screens. In KEYS you must move through a maze of increasing hazardousness to locate keys to open chests to obtain passwords... avoid ghosts... at higher levels the maze may be invisible and fatally electrified. Challenging. Two games for GBP9.00

screen shot from game Noteworthy NOTEWORTHY. EXTENDED BASIC. R Trueman. GBP 5.00
Read the Review
FIVE STAR REVIEW IN HCW. 80% playability. Graphics 85%. Value 90%. The reviewer said "Fun to play..... superb graphics".
You help a happy little creature gather musical notes, avoiding some strange creatures and some sharp spikes. Lovely bonus screen if you get that far,.. A nicely presented game.
[Mr Trueman had nine games on offer by Stainless. Computer magazines were paying at least a tenner to print listings. Stainless sold a grand total of 51 copies across all nine titles. The royalties he received were less than the minimum a magazine would have paid for listings.]
screen shot from game Flooraway FLOORAWAY. TI BASIC. R Trueman. GBP 7.00
Read the Review Some visitors to the User Convention, seeing the video of this game thought perhaps it was in Extended Basic... it isn't.
It is in well written TI BASIC. Excellent graphics. You must collect gems, but your route must be carefully chosen as some floors slowly vanish as you stand on them An amazing multi screen arcade style game. There is no luck, just skill.

[Ray Kazmer, an ExBas fanatic in California played FLOORAWAY for four hours when he first saw it. Tony McGovern (Funlweb) thinks it is the best TI BASIC program he has seen, and one of the best in any language. If you must, the program DOES run in ExBas (faster).][Mr Trueman left the TI community in April 1985, moving on to a more popular computer]
[In 2020 this game became available for play on a TI99/4a module].

screen shot from game The Wall THE WALL. EXTENDED BASIC. Neil Lawson. GBP 6.00. Read the Review

Five star review in HCW. 85% for playability. Joysticks optional.

LOTS of different screens as you try to climb a wall, faced with many different patterns of attack to dodge and avoid. A challenging game...who can make it to face the dragon?

[Stainless sold just five copies of this program despite its good review]

screen shot from game Goblins Revenge

GOBLINS REVENGE. TI BASIC. Pewterware. GBP 6.00 Five star review in HCW. with 88% for playability. Read the Review

Find your way out of the maze, and avoid the goblin chasing you.

The maze layout differs each play, and only one third of it is visible on screen at any one time! Two levels of difficulty, and if you are very good you may find a third level!

screen shot from game Tractor Follies

GBP 6.00

Down the road towards you comes other trafic (and oil patches). How long can you avoid them for?
Just as you think you have the hang of it, along comes nightfall, and all you can see are the headlights. 5 star review.

FAST FROG: Yes, another Frogger, but in this two program package, surely good value. Nicely done, you know the program.
NORBERT: Hop over the cubes and change the colours but avoid the two critters! Hop at the right moment to hop safely past them. . Not as good as Q*BONO but good value. 5 star review.
SPECIAL OFFER: Three program pack: TRACTOR FOLLIES plus FAST FROG plus NORBERT ONLY GBP 12 for all three ordered together. Supplied on TWO tapes.
screenshot of game Mr. D. TI BASIC GBP 5.00 By SP Software Read the review
Mr D likes to eat cherries. Dinosaurs like to eat Mr D! Mr. D can clobber the monsters by luring them underneath falling apples, or throwing magic rocks at them. A slight resemblance to a rare arcade game here!!! A game of pure strategy as you work out the best path to eat the cherries and avoid the monsters
screen shot from game Starprobe 99 STARPROBE 99. TI BASIC. GBP 7.00 by Mark Sumner.

HCW qave 5 star review and said 'by far the best for a long time'
100% for graphics and for value

You must guide your ship into the depths of an alien planet, collecting fresh fuel and ammo along the way. Defend yourself and when required blast your way through. Several different hazards!

Mark Sumner was raising money to take time off to write- you can find his fantasy books on Amazon. One was made into a TV series.
This is an archive page. These programs are NOT on sale

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