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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy three disks of Stainless Software programs.
Previous page go to next page Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape.

From Page 7 onwards these web pages detail software programs for the TI99/4a formerly sold by Stainless Software from 1982, which failed to be retained in the final 1985 catalogue, which is on Pages 1 to 6.

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FFF ASTEROIDS - Extended Basic. from FFF Software.
Four skill levels, each with its own high score register - and you can input previous high scores at the start of play. Keyboard control only. 1 or 2 players.
Rotate ship -fire canon - flee into hyperspace - activate engines. The peculiar rocks split when you hit them.
GBP 12.00
screenshot of game SHUTTLE COMMAND - EXTENDED BASIC FFF Software. For 1 or 2 players.Read the Review
Keyboard OR joystick control. Choice of 2 modes of joystick operation. Several levels of difficulty. From your viewscreen you see strange Things coming at you. If they hit you your craft is damaged.
You score more if you hit them when they are still far away. Cross hair remains screen centre - the rest of the Universe moves!.
GBP 12.00
screenshot of game WONKAPILLAR TI BASIC
from PS Software Read the Review
Guide your 'caterpillar' out of an enclosed maze using the direction keys and a few time bombs.
DON'T hit the walls or your body segments.
DON'T blow your own head off!
Four different mazes to tackle. Habit forming & only
GBP 6.00
FARMER in TI BASIC by Colin McAuley
A trading game - you are a farmer, and by trading your stock at market you must earn your living - remembering to eat and sleep (and watch out for rustlers!).
Text only. GBP 3.00
screenshot of game DATA RESCUE (GAME) Extended. Basic - From KUHL SOFTWARE : Joysticks required.
Three scenarios, three skill levels. Suitable for all ages! Clever programming - but not a complex game to play.
1. Shoot an approaching Alien craft . 2. Shoot aliens coming along s corridor. 3. Take over the control room. NB: Only for 99/4A - not suitable for 99/4.
GBP 7.00
screenshot of game SAVE A SKETCH/ MM Read the Review New version- rewritten in TI BASIC for use with the MINI MEMORY MODULE remember to specify /MM . Does NOT require 32k ram.

Draw a high res picture using 8 direction keys and than the computer will write it into the program!
You can use the code produced in other programs.
GBP 5.00

Sky-Diver. screenshot of game Extended Basic from Maple Leaf Microware.

A parachuting accuracy competition for 1 to 4 players.

Each player in turn controls the altitude and location of the jump plane, optionally drops a streamer, and then JUMPS, FREE FALLS, pulls the rip cord and tries to glide to a bull's-eye landing. Landing hard may result in a broken leg- or worse!
GBP 13.00

A number game, similar to SCRABBLE (tm), with several levels of difficulty. Suitable for young and old alike. Numbers are selected from a rack and placed on the board to interlock. Each digit in the number formed has to add up to form a multiple of a preselected number.
For up to 5 players - made up from 0 to 5 humans and 0-5 computer players. The computer plays simply but can add an interesting element to a game between two humans!
Board. size 20x20. Multipliers: 2 to 16. Rack size: 5 numbers.
GBP 10.00
screenshot of game DEVIL CRAZE : Extended Basic from Maple Leaf Microware. Read the Review
A devilish game - all you have to do is press the key (or fire button) on the same side as that which contains a colour panel which matches a colour panel in the centre of the screen.
There is a (reducing) time limit. If there appear four red devils - do the opposite. Watch out for imposter devils too. Fast Furious Fun for all ages. A colour television is essential!
GBP 11.00
screenshot of game HAPPY MATH - TI BASIC from Maple Leaf Microware.
Designed for 4-6 yr olds
Addition and subtraction exercises, with optional voice output if you have the speech synthesiser AND the Terminal Emulator 2 module. Makes use of that lovely smiling face once seen on badges...
GBP 8.00
COUNTING WITH COINS- TI BASIC from Maple Leaf Microware.
Designed for 4-7 yr olds
Uses CANADIAN CURRENCY to help children learn to count money. NOTE; uses dollars and cents 1,5, 10, 25 and 50 cent coins)
GBP 8.00
SPELLING and PHONICS TUTOR TI BASIC FOR TE2 module. from Maple Leaf Microware.
Create your own exercises using words within phrases that illustrate their correct context.
Reading amd spelling. NB This program REQUIRES speech synthosiser and Terminal Enulator 2 Module.
GBP 8.00
screenshot of game


TI BASIC from PS Software

Guide your caving machine into the depths.

Refuel (you need to!) and pick up points by hitting targets with your laser.

DON'T bump into a target or the cavern walls!
GBP 6.00
NOTE: This program is totally different to a program of the same name released by Lantern Software JUST after this game received a five star review... Mark Sumner subsequently improved the Stainless game and released it as Starprobe 99.

H.M.S. TEXAS in EXTENDED BASIC by Gary Burmiston
You command a ship moving at the top of the screen - below you enemy submarines are cruising. Your task is to hit them with depth charges.
Good use of sprite graphics provides a fast game with accurate scoring
GBP 5.00
Originally published in COMPUTER & VIDEO GAMES MAGAZINE for the Apple, this translation is with the consent of SoftSide Publications.
As Master Pyramid Builder you have 12 years to build a pyramid - you control the number of workers, food distribution to workers & non-workers,and amount of grain planted.
There are a few things which can go wrong... Simple graphics.
GBP 4.00

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