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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy three disks of Stainless Software programs.
Previous page go to next page Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape.

From Page 7 onwards these web pages detail software programs for the TI99/4a formerly sold by Stainless Software from 1982, which failed to be retained in the final 1985 catalogue, which is on Pages 1 to 6.

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screenshot of game


TI BASIC. Colin Banks
Read the review

A simple program in which you control a ship at screen centre and shoot down various aliens attacking from 8 different directions.

GBP 5.00

DEATH PARK: TI BASIC. Philip Hindley
A really simple maze to solve. The entire maze is displayed on screen, and all you have to do is get to the end. BUT...along the way are various invisible games for you to stumble over...
adding 5 two digit numbers ...watching and hoping you don't get obliterated by deadly dots ... trying to guess a number as the roof collapses ... being sent back to the start... a non-serious program for dedicated gamblers.
GBP 5.00
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A graphic maze/adventure. There are 18 levels each with 40 rooms. Each floor layout is different and higher levels have more energetic monsters.
To move from one level to the next you must locate 3 keys in the correct rooms (colour coded: colour tv essential). Only one room visible at a time so make a map!
GBP 6.00

TREASURE TRAP in TI BASIC from Not Polyoptics.
GBP 9.00
Explore a large number of rooms to find hidden treasure. One room displayed on screen at a time.
Various difficulty levels and objects placed differently on each play. Nearly 100 different room layouts too! You cannot be killed by monsters but watch your oxygen supply.
Both for GBP 7.00 Read the Review
Lunar Base: From a patrolling mother ship drop through a meteor storm and land safely on each of four landing pads, returning to dock with the mother ship in between each landing.
Torpedo Fire: Using a gun in the bottom centre of the screen, try to hit the speeding ships above.
screenshot of game WALLS AND BRIDGES.

in TI BASIC. from TImagination. Read the Review
A tile laying game for one or two players with superb graphics.
Each game comprises ten rounds in which players lay the longest track they can while avoiding entrapment, and a few lurking monsters. Several levels of difficulty.


screenshot of game ZOMBIE MAMBO in TI BASIC. From TImagination. Read the Review
Two programs on one tape.
Outstanding graphics in these well crafted programs.
Program One: Entering a dark churchyard while lightning plays overhead, you must dig up three keys hidden by a recently deceased miser. If the grave you uncover does not contain a key, the disturbed occupant will come after you, and you must avoid his deadly touch.
screenshot of game Program Two: Having found the enter the labrynth and have the task of recovering riches from the vaults.

Some contain weapons, while others contain a variety of harmful creatures.

This part of the program is also a maze game, as you have to find your way out, with or without riches!

GBP 15.00

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy Walls and Bridges together with Zombie Mambo - three programs at a special price - GBP 19.75
GALACTIC GUNFIGHT. EXTENDED BASIC. from Intersoft. Read the Review
Joysticks optional Your gun moves up and down the left side of the screen as groups of aliens attack from the right. If they pass you, they reappear on the right again. This game is against the clock....ah, they also fire back so watch out
... GBP 10.00
METEOR STORM. EXTENDED BASIC. from Intersoft. Read the Review
Joysticks optional Yes, another asteroids game, the difference in this one is that you can take it real easy and score a measly 25 per asteroid, or take some real risks and maybe earn 1000 points for an asteroid!
The score you earn depends entirely on how you play the game. Survival is not important: how much can you score before destruction?
GBP 10.00
Joysticks Optional From an alien mother ship drifting across the top of the screen fall.
Move your ship and destroy the bombs and the meother craft before the city below is destroyed. Four difficulty levels.
GBP 14.00
from Intersoft. Joysticks optional. A machine code version of the above game, with greater accuracy in detecting hits, and of course faster response
GBP 14.00
CRASH TI Basic by Colin Banks for two players.
A track laying game, but different. In a preset grid players must direct their cars: these lay a trail of thick smoke (which randomly clears in sections).
The object is not to run into a trail of smoke or the other car. The cars 'wrap' around the screen.
[sold with another program for GBP 7.00]
WORM CHASE.screenshot of game

Extended Basic.
[Catalog error- it was TI Basic]

by Paul Triffitt.
Guide a snake to eat worms.
The more it eats the longer it gets and the higher your score.
Do not collide with the screen edge or your own body.
Pretty fast and becomes difficult.
[Sold with another program for GBP 7.00]

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