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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy three disks of Stainless Software programs.
Previous page Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape.

From Page 7 onwards these web pages detail software programs for the TI99/4a formerly sold by Stainless Software from 1982, which failed to be retained in the final 1985 catalogue, which is on Pages 1 to 6.

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screen image of program CRAZY CLIFF in EXTENDED BASIC by R. Trueman. Joystick required. Read the Review
A fun arcade style game in which you must clamber up various buildings of increasing difficulty, with minor hazards such as closing windows, a really fun person who drops flowerpots on you, falling bottles... and lots more hazards to contend with.

GBP 7.00

(webnote: If you have played this game you will find it hard to believe that in HCW the reviewer gave this game 0% for playability (yes, zero percent).
He couldn't last 2 seconds apparently. Now, I play games badly, not having passed screen 3 in Parsec, but even I managed to play this game - I found it easy and enjoyable.
So this time I fought back and offered this game with satisfaction guaranteed. If you agreed with the review, return the game in 7 days and get a refund. NOBODY asked for a refund! )
[Mr Trueman had nine games on offer by Stainless. Computer magazines were paying at least a tenner to print listings. Stainless sold a grand total of 51 copies across all nine titles. The royalties he received were less than the minimum a magazine would have paid for listings.]

CU*BERT in TI BASIC by Patrick Strassen Read the Review
The cube hopper strikes again, this time in TI BASIC. Change the cubes colours before the creature gets you... or the ball bounces on you.
Includes the usual transporter system. Unusually good arcade style game for TI Basic.
GBP 6.00
THE BEETLE RUN screen image of program in TI BASIC
by R Trueman. GBP 5.00 Read the Review
Guide a beetle around several screens. Manual dexterity is useful for this program.
Uses keyboard controls. Nice use of TI Basic.
(Note: My catalogue and the review say Beetle Run but the program I have retained is The Beetle Walk. They are the same program).
screen image of program FORCED ROUTE in TI BASIC by A. Walker
GBP 6.00 (Four star review) Read the Review
A board game for two players.
The name refers to the method of movements- you may move one square in any direction indicated by the square your opponent is on.
His moves are dependent on the square you are on.
There is lots of room for careful planning and strategy on this one! and the board is different each time you play, for greater variety.

screen image of program GREEDY GREEN GRABBERS in TI BASIC by Paul Dickinson.
GBP 5.00
A 'thinking mans pacman'... on various green mazes you must avoid an increasing number of nasties and collect dots for points. Use tactics to keep your pursuers at a safe distance. Not real time: allows you to think!
Your enemy only moves when you do! TI Basic so not especially fast action.
screen image of program
DUNGEON GOLD in TI BASIC by P Dickinson. Read the Review
GBP 5.00 Another maze type of game, but this time only one room at a time is on screen.
You must locate and retrieve gold, again and again, each time the monsters you meet are more aggressive.
With your gold, before you reenter for more, you may purchase spells and potions. They help to keep you alive a little longer!
screen image of program GEM GRABBER TI BASIC. By R Trueman.
GBP 5.00 Read the Review
Your task is to tunnel your way to reach 5 gems.
You have limited explosives You must avoid abandoned explosives and falling rocks (which are both visible.)
This is not a game of chance: you must plan your route carefully! (But NOT a difficult game).
Several screens.
[In 2020 this game became playable from a TI99/4a module]
screen image of program KAMIKAZE in EXTENDED BASIC.

Requires Joysticks.
By Stephen Mynard.
GBP 6.00
Read the Review
Aliens descend from above...get them in your sights and blast em.
Eleven waves of aliens, with differing attack patterns!

Ten skill levels. Good joystick response. An old theme perhaps but nicely done

for GBP 6.00
Read the Review
Another excellent educational program from Canada...teaches time telling, from ___o'Clock to ___minutes past____. Uses 12 hour clock format.
By Christopher Rock
Read the Review
A simple program of strategy with gently increasing difficulty as you rescue stranded men and return them to base, travelling along levels and ramps and avoiding Martian androids.
The Bag Bounder plus Food of the Gods TI Basic. By K Boothroyd.
Two programs for GBP 6.00.
Two graded and broadly similar programs for the youngest member of the family (or the novice arcade game player). Encourages pattern recognition. Simple strategic problems encourage more difficult game play.
In each game the player moves around a simple circuit, avoiding nasties and hazards, collecting objects. The pattern of the objects may vary with the score. The player must determine the pattern of the hazards and the method of movement around the screen. Nice graphics to encourage play.
screen image of program

Cannonball Chess Extended Basic by Ray Kazmer. Read the Review
GBP 6.00.
A game for TWO players who attempt to shoot each others cannon or destroy a number of the other players goods.

Instructions are in a second program which is supplied. Nicely done. There is room to develop some strategic play.

screen image of program Texas Ranger
Extended Basic
by Ray Kazmer.
GBP 6.00.
Rescue the schoolteachers and avoid slithery snakes, baddies, the train, buffalo, and whirlwinds (did I miss anything out?).
An interesting development on the old trail laying game.
(Oh yes I didn't mention the poisoned ponds or the cacti...).

screen image of program
Tank Atak.

Extended Basic

by S Bindoff.

GBP 5.00.

From your ground based tank, shoot the attacking aliens before they either collide with you or bomb you.

Mars Mine Lander TI Basic by H Taylor.
GBP 5.00. Land your craft on the pads below, avoiding the increasing number of asteroids. You can shoot them if you wish. Fuel is limited so try not to hover.
screen image of program

I have a screenshot
from a late entry
into the catalogue,
not listed in the old
ones I retain, and my records show
that it sold ONE copy...

SECOND FLOOR by R Trueman.

[In 2020 this program became available for play from a TI99/4a module]

I have reviews and screen shots from two programs I don't have in my old catalogues! Sums are Fun and Taking Away for Fun. Read the Reviews
screen image of programscreen image of program

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