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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy several disks of Stainless Software programs.
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     Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
     This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI-99/4a, mostly on cassette tape. Enjoy.

screen shot from game 3D Stalkers 3D STALKERS. TI BASIC. GBP 5.00 By Mark Sumner.
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For two players. Each player has a 3d view of the maze in front of him. He may display his position on an overhead view (also visible to his opponent) if he gets lost!

The mission is to locate and kill the opponent, who is also looking for you. Charging up to your opponent may be a mistake: he could shoot first.

Try for an ambush

From the other side of the world all the way from AUSTRALIA,
screen shot from game Tex-Bounce TEX-BOUNCE (or TXB) from Funnelweb Software EXTENDED BASIC. GBP 8.00

One of the most interesting ex bas programs I have seen for a long time. In the pinball/ bagatelle family of games, for one player vs the console or for two players. Each player in turn launches a ball from one of two launchers, and the ball bounces around the field until it exits through a gap in the boundary, hits a launcher, or an optional bonus cup. The ball travels at MAXIMUM sprite speed, hitting a series of bats which are rotated by its passing.

A huge range of options are provided, and by my (none too certain!) calculation there seem to be over 300 variations in the game to choose from. Expertly written. Not a rapidly played game, a match may take an hour or two, but it is a game which deserves to be treated seriously: you may select random elements, but the game can be played by two players on pure strategy.

CO-LIST. from Funnelweb Software. DISK ONLY. GBP 12.00 Requires Extended Basic and 32k ram.

A gem of a program for owners wanting printed listings of their programs. A large choice of options. amongst other things allows you to:
LIST your program with 1,2, 3 or 4 columns to the page.
Last page can be reformatted if you wish so that each column ends on the same line (or very nearly so).
Output may be to disk for use with TI WRITER. Optional heading possibility.
Can automatically list more than one program, subject to naming limitations Can check listing for some syntax errors.
Uses control codes as used by EPSON or C.Itoh printers
Documentation is within the program, which occupies 90 sectors of disk. Not an overpriced 2k program, but a very well written utility. Good value- many programming hours went into this offering.

screen shot from game Wallaby WALLABY. Extended Basic. By Mark Sumner. JOYSTICKS REQUIRED. GBP 7.00
HCW awarded 5 stars. 85% for playability Read the review
A lonely wallaby in a factory... hop duck climb and slide to freedom.
Attractive graphics and not an easy game! Wally has to avoid the usual industrial hazards.
The following is a selection of the range available. Some older programs, now showing their age a little. are still available on request.

screen shot from game Winging It WINGING IT. TI BASIC. GBP 7.00 Read the Review
The most popular NP progam, a flight simulation in TI Basic. Involves flying an aircraft by instruments only... no view from the window! Some may find it a difficult program. but it is supplied with hints on flying!

The computer does a great deal of work. and as it is in TI Basic, the key board scanning cycle is a little slow.

Once you have mastered flying there are three games (or tasks) for you to tackle.

LASER TANK. screen shot from game Laser Tank EXTENDED BASIC. GBP 7.00

Read the Review

Somewhat similar to 'Battlezone'. Move your tank so that the enemy, visible on radar. becomes visible also through your sighting window.
Then blast him. Of course. he is also moving, AND firing at you...
For one player vs the computer.

screen shot from game Cars and Carcasses 2



Similar to the program in the User Group library.

but a considerable development from it.

Guide your car and run over monsters, avoiding obstacles

screen shot from game 99vaders
TI BASIC. GBP 7.00 Read the Review

Not very much colour, but nice graphics anyway,
and for TI Basic, a pretty fast arcade style game.

From the mothership above fall smaller alien ships, which you must blast before they reach the ground.

screen shot from game Tickworld TICKWORLD. TI BASIC. GBP 6.00 Read the review

Interesting graphics and a different idea make this one of my favorite NP games. Eight hungry ticks converge on you from the edges of the screen.

Your defence is to trap them in nets, and then before they escape from the nets, throw them into cages.

Not easy. For greater speed this program also runs in Extended Basic.


Programs are NOT for sale.

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