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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy three disks of Stainless Software programs.
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     Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
     This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape. Enjoy.

SPY'S DEMISE screen shot from game Spy's Demise
Extended Basic GBP 8.00 by Mark Sumner

Read the Review.

90% awarded for playability. A sort of arcade game... and a puzzle. Firstly, move across the screen, avoiding enemy agents, to reveal a coded message.
Then decode the message to yield a riddle.
Then solve the riddle! An original idea, licensed from Penguin Software (USA)

screen shot from game Space Rescue SPACE RESCUE EXTENDED BASIC.
GBP 8.00 by PS SOFTWARE (Mark Sumner) Read the Review
HCW awarded this excellent program 95% for graphics and 80% for playability. A super arcade type game, with optional use of Joysticks.
Several levels and increasing levels of difficulty. One of my favorites.
Descend from the mother ship, avoiding a variety of obstacles, collect fuel pods, and rise to dock safely with the mother ship.

screen shot from game breakpoint BREAKPOINT. TI BASIC. GBP 5.00 Malcolm Adams.Read the Review
HCW reviewer gave 85% for graphics and value.
Repair a printed circuit board, avoiding nasty static and bugs in this very graphic and interestingly different game. Not too difficult.
If (like the reviewer) you find yourself trapped, with the Bug closing in, there IS an emergency escape: it doesn't always help you though!

[Stainless sold three programs by this author. Across all 3 titles 39 copies were sold in all]

screen shot from game Up Periscope UP PERISCOPE. EXTENDED BASIC. GBP 7.00
From the USA, by Pewterware. One of my best selling Exbas games
since copied, but when first received an original program, and still the best on the TI. As Captain of a submarine, you must intercept and sink enemy shipping.
In this real-time game you control course, depth and speed. The enemy travels faster than you can, so you must plot an intercept course. Screen display a radar screen or, when you are near the surface, a periscope view.
screen shot from game Billy Ball to the Rescue BILLY BALL TO THE RESCUE. Extended Basic.
GBP 6.00 by R Trueman.
A superb program featuring your favorite hero, bouncing his way through the hazards of the battlements to rescue Beryl Ball.
Not just another 'Hunchback' program something altogether different. Help Billy to avoid the various perils. Brilliant graphics.
HCW Reviewer gave 90% for graphics and playability.
[Mr Trueman had nine games on offer by Stainless. Computer magazines were paying at least a tenner to print listings. Stainless sold a grand total of 51 copies across all nine titles. The royalties he received were less than the minimum a magazine would have paid for listings.]
GLOBAL RESCUE. Extended Basic.
By P Richards GBP 7.00 Five star review in HCW Read the Review
Playability 90%,Value 100%
With only four craft, you must prevent worldwide disasters and locate the villain responsible, then apprehend him.
Time is against you, and do not become stranded with no fuel! Many levels of difficulty in this game of mixed strategy and luck. (Not a fast game).
Nicely thought out and presented. Screen displays a world map highlighting the trouble spots and showing where your craft are.

[This program sold a total of 59 copies]

screen shot from game Robin Hood ROBIN HOOD. By Neil Lawson.
EXTENDED BASIC 16k Version: GBP 6.00 32k Version:GBP 7.00 on cassette, GBP 9.00 on disk.
Read the Review An entirely original program. Play Robin Hood and shoot arrows at stationery targets, moving targets, the sherrifs men, deer, and an apple.
Watch the clouds: the speed and direction of the wind will affect the distance your arrow travels. A game of skill.
The 32k version has continuous music in the first two screens (which does NOT slow play down at all!! and tighter control of the sprites .... 32k ram required!
[Stainless sold just seven copies of this program]
screen shot from game First and Last FIRST AND LAST. Extended Basic.
Read the ReviewSP SOFTWARE.
GBP 5.00 5 STAR REVIEW - 80% playability, 95% graphics.
Tired of shooting aliens and generally shooting up the universe?
Here is perhap the worlds first pacifist program?
Zeb has to avoid the various implements of destruction. Simple game but nice graphics. War is not a game.
GBP 4.00 By Neil Lawson. Read the Review
Did you know that the lowly 99/4A could be given a piece of music to play and told to play it... and then it would play the music ON ITS OWN, while your Basic program carried on running. NO Call Sounds!
You first reserve some memory, then place in it the required values, and tell the computer to PLAY. This utility program gives you the values to use, and is supplied with a demonstration listing.
Also supplied with an Extended Basic utility for faster output (which may be to printer, or to disk, which may he TI Writer compatible).
NB: Auto Sound is only available with the Mini Memory.
screen shot from game Motor Cross screen shot from game Rally Cross MOTOR CROSS plus RALLY CROSS. TI BASIC.
GBP 6.00 Two programs by Alistair McMath Read the Review
Very similar programs, in which you have to drive a car around the screen, through a series of gates. In one version you must pass through the gates in sequence.
Dexterity is required to do well. JOYSTICK REQUIRED. (If you do not have a joystick, a keyboard version can be supplied, but must be specifically requested). 85% for playability.
screen shot from game TNT T.N.T. in EXTENDED BASIC.
GBP 5.00 from SP SOFTWARE Read the Review
A one player board type game in which you must rush to defuse the time bomb before it goes off, avoiding deadly traps but scoring as you pass over flags

Dificulty increases as you progress - be careful you are not stomped on! Nice graphics and fun to play: HCW Reviewer awarded 80% playability.

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