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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy three disks of Stainless Software programs.
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     Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
     This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape. Enjoy.

screen shot from game Match Wits MATCH WITS. TI BASIC.

GBP 6.00 by Pewterware

An interesting memory game for two to four players. Each player has 12 tiles face down.
In turn, he turns over one tile: if it matches the design in the middle of the screen, he scores one point , otherwise the tile is turned face down again.
As play progresses, a player may win the chance to turn over his opponents tiles to earn extra points.

screen shot from game Kong KONG. in TI BASIC.
GBP 5.00 By SP SOFTWARE Read the Review
Not quite the arcade game... and forced by TI BASIC to be a trifle slow! A very simple program in which all you have to do is travel to the top of the screen (avoiding barrels rolling at you) to rescue a maiden. For some reason HCW gave this a five star review and its been a best seller for years!!!
There is a joystick option. Score increases for each screen completed, and each screen has more holes in the floors than the previous one!

[Kong was the fastest selling program for Stainless. In its peak month it sold 132 copies.]

screen shot from game Man and Monsters MAN AND MONSTERS. TI BASIC.

GBP 5.00 By Patrick Strassen.
Read the Review
A levels and ladders game in which you must avoid an increasing number of monsters while trying to go over every part of the levels.

Make holes to lure the monsters to their end - and score points. But do not trap yourself.

screen shot from game Planet Destroyer PLANET DESTROYER. TI BASIC

GBP 5.00 By Patrick Strassen

HCW Reviewer gave 90% for playability, graphics AND value. FIVE STAR REVIEW!!
Read the Review

As the screen scrolls up the tunnels of an alien planet, you must guide your ship through the twisting maze, ensuring that you refuel as often as possible, and avoid the alien craft out to get you.

screen shot from game Flip Flap FLIP FLAP. EXTENDED BASIC. R Trueman.
GBP 6.00 Read the Review
JOYSTICKS REQUIRED. Five star review! 85% Playability, 90% Value.
A very playable cross between a board game and an arcade game... guide your man around various layouts, changing the colours of the squares and avoiding the drifting skulls. Don't forget the bonus points. Strategy and speed are required.

screen shot from game Billy Ball at the Hatchery BILLY BALL AT THE HATCHERY. Extended Basic.
Billy Ball has to dislodge hatching eggs before they hatch, by jumping up and down on the floor above them.
There are a couple of handy hammers in case of need. Several screens with differing layouts. Good quality graphics. Not a difficult game: scoring depends on how fast you are. Graphics 90% Playability 70%
[Mr Trueman had nine games on offer by Stainless. Computer magazines were paying at least a tenner to print listings. Stainless sold a grand total of 51 copies across all nine titles. The royalties he received were less than the minimum a magazine would have paid for listings.]
screen shot from game Billy Ball Plays Catch BILLY BALL PLAYS CATCH. Extended Basic.
R Trueman. GBP 6.00 Read the Review
HCW gave: Playability 80%, Graphics 90%. Value for Money: 100%
In his second adventure, Billy has to catch things! Several different layouts. Billy has to avoid an old enemy too... but a sharp punch on the nose is often quite effective. Plenty of variety, fun to play, and not too difficult.
GBP 6.00 From Canada, by Maple Leaf Micro Ware Read the Review
An educational program intended to assist 6 to 10 year olds with their math. HCW awarded a FIVE STAR REVIEW. Fast and correct answers help a rocket to reach escape velocity, while a map of the Galaxy indicates to Mum (or Dad) which questions were answered incorrectly, or caused some hesitation. Several levels of play. The HCW Reviewer gave this program 100% for value.
screen shot from game q bono Q BONO EXTENDED BASIC

GBP 5.00 By Mike Curtis Read the review

An excellent version of "Cu-Bert", that lovable cube hopping varmint.
Uses easy keyboard control. Hop from cube to cube and change the colours
(also suitable for black and white tv). HCW reviewer gave 80% for playability, and a FIVE STAR review.

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