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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy three disks of Stainless Software programs.
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     Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
     This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape. Enjoy.

screen shot from utility Character Creator CHARACTER CREATOR. TI BASIC.
GBP 4.00 5 star review!
A program to assist you in designing characters for your programs.
Move a cursor around a grid and switch on (or off) individual pixels. The program mav be used with a console on its own. or can take advantage of disk drives, extended basic and printers! Ease of Use 90%. Value 90%.
Commands include rotation, reflection and reversal of characters.
Definitions may be saved to disk or tape, and there is an option to save in a format compatible with the TI-Writer module. You may experiment with picture creation by assembling your defined characters on screen. Very useful program. Only GBP 4.00. By Stephen McKearney.
GBP 5.00 by Patrick Strassen Read the review
Five star review in HCW, but a very difficult game to play. You race against five cars, and a 'ghost car' which rapidly travel towards you... and you have to move out of the way. Watch your engine temperature, fuel, speed and time left. If you manage to win the race, please write and tell me.
screen shot from game Bowls BOWLS. TI BASIC. A.McMath.
Read the Review
GBP 6.00 Five Star Review.
From the author of the very popular GOLF program, another sporting simulation, for two players or for one player vs the computer.
You may select for winner to be first to a certain score, or highest score after a certain number of 'ends'. 80% playability, 100% value for money. In play, you select throwing position, direction, strength, bias and direction- then watch. You may block your opponent or knock his bowls into the gutter. The computer plays well but with care it can be beaten.
screen shot from game Galactic Encounter - image from Malcolm Adams screen shot from game Checkers


GBP 6.00 By Malcolm Adams Read the Review
HCW Reviewer awarded 90% for playability, graphics AND value!!!!! Galactic Encounter is a modern version of the board game REVERSI (also sold, with very slight modiifcation, as OTHELLO(tm).).
This program is presented for one OR two players and uses animated playing pieces! The computer plays quite well.
CHECKERS is a form of the peg hopping solitaire puzzle, based upon a square board. I don't know what the best solution is: I'd like to hear of your best solution!!
[Stainless sold three programs by this author. Across all 3 titles 39 copies were sold in all]

screen shot from graphics program illustrating charlie brown SAVE A SKETCH. EXTENDED BASIC
This little program allows you to draw a hi res picture on the screen by moving a small sprite around the screen, using 8 direction keys.
Ink on, Ink off, and Erase are available. Not fast but it can be impressive. Then... at your request the computer can REWRITE the program. Next time you run it- your picture appears pretty quickly, and you can edit it into any program you wish!

GBP 8.00 Read the Review
NOT a game. This program enables you to control the screen display and create a data file. Can be used for titles on video tapes or in a shop window...where a constantly changing display can tell the world about your products.
Files may be tape or disk, but disk recommended. May also be used 'live' without storing the data. HCW gave 95% for ease of use.
screen shot from game Golf GOLF: TI BASIC. Alistair McMath Read the review
GBP 6.00 Five star review. 90% playability.
Written by a golfer for a rainy day, this program for one player simulates a round of golf on a random course.
Very nice graphics and a good simulation of\ golf play. Bunkers, trees, rough, water obstacles .... for the golfer in bad weather, for the games player in all weathers. A best seller.
screen shot from game Night Flight NIGHT FLIGHT. TI BASIC.
GBP 5.00 By Patrick Strassen Read the review
You have seen lots of programs no doubt in which you have to bomb buildings to land a plane. Well here is another: but this one is the best.
You have to contend with an increasing number of ground defences, and if that isn't enough there is also an alien plane out to get you. Level the city to provide a landing site, before you run out of fuel. Then there is a short second screen in which you must refuel
HCW gave 90% for graphics and value.
screen shot from game Alpha t'Omega ALPHA T'OMEGA. EXTENDED BASIC.
A. Walker. GBP 6.00
Another board game, for two players. Based on the several word forming board and card games. From a small selection of letters, form a word on the board if you can.
A selection of bonus squares may help you reach a high score. For this program a colour tv is advantageous to spot the bonus squares!

[Over seven months this program sold 9 copies].

screen shot from game Pengi PENGI.
GBP 5.00 by SP SOFTWARE Read the Review

Assist a penguin to avoid the dreaded yeti by sliding ice blocks at them.
This game is one of the difficult ones to succeed in.
Great if you like a challenge. 85% for graphics.
(Like the TI module Hopper, this was inspired by the 1982 SEGA arcade game Pengo)

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