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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy several disks of Stainless Software programs.
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     Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
     This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape. Enjoy.

screen shot from game Snakes and Ladders SNAKES AND LADDERS plus FIRELADY.
This program is for the youngest TI user!
Minimum user interaction in this simulation of a popular children's board game and an interesting and slightly more advanced adaption.
Press space bar to throw the dice and to move. Nice graphics. For either two players or one player vs the computer.
[Stainless sold five copies of this cassette]

screen shot from game Secret Agent SECRET AGENT. Extended Basic.
Malcolm Adams. GBP 7.00 Read the review
'Amusing and effective graphics' said HCW. awarding 100% for graphics and 80% tor playability. Not too difficult... not too easy either!
In the first screen. move from one end of a train to the other (on the tops of the carriages) to retrieve suitcases. In screen two, leap from cable car to cable car...that bit's hard! Then back to a harder screen one.
[Stainless sold three programs by this author. Across all 3 titles 39 copies were sold in all]
screen shot from game Hang Glider Pilot From Canada. from MAPLE LEAF MICRO WARE
Five star review in HCW for
HANG GLIDER PILOT.: GBP 8.00 Read the Review
A superb simulation of hang gliding, with full use of sprites (Extended Basic version only) to provide information. You fly over a terrain map, trying to land at a suitable speed in a target area. There are (Extended Basic Version) Thermals, clouds, an eagle, a time of day indicator, vertical and horizontal graphic and digital indicators...etc. Slightly less information in the TI Basic version.
There is a great deal going on in this program, but it is still very easy to hit the side of a hill, or roost in the trees... PLEASE STATE: TI BASIC OR EXTENDED BASIC!!!

GBP 8.00 5 Star Review Read the Review
If it takes you hours to enter a magazine program, you should learn to touch type...why waste time looking at the keyboard?
It takes practice and dedication, but this program will help. Intended for the absolute beginner, you will learn where the keys are, and how to type using more than two fingers.(!)
screen shot from game Roo ROO. EXTENDED BASIC.
GBP 5.00 By SP SOFTWARE Read the review
A lovely game with very nice graphics and fast sprite collision detection. Three screens in which you must assist a mummy kangaroo rescue her joey (that is what baby kangaroos are called. Honest.)
Mummy kangaroo has to avoid flying apples, but has the protection of a pair of boxing gloves... This is an easy game to play. HCW reviewer awarded 90% for graphics and 80% for playability.
Pure machine code utility.
GBP 20.00. By Oak Tree Systems, Canada
. Read the Review

DISK: For use with 32k ram plus either: Extended Basic or Editor/Assembler or Mini Memory. (Full 358 sector disk)
This utility package allows you to use a 40 column display in your own programs, instead of the usual 32 (or 28 using the normal PRINT).
ALL the subprograms you need are provided, with equivalents of PRINT, HCHAR, VCHAR, SCREEN and so on, accessed with easy CALL LINK commands.
Full documentation and sample program are supplied. Not only do you have 40 columns, but as the utility is pure machine code, the speed is greater than with the 28 column screen.
Extra facilities are provided too, such as windowing, screen paging, reverse scroll, right justification of entries and so on.
A very powerful utility, superb programming. NB: A licence can be issued if you wish to use the DEP in any program you wish to sell. HCW REVIEWER GAVE 90% FOR EASE OF USE!
An intelligent and friendly program compactor, as used to prepare programs for the PARCO magazine
Three options:
REMOVE REM lines: will not remove the line if you have a GOTO or GOSUB going to it: just removes the text! If you select this option, it is still possible to keep selected REMs in.
REDUCE LENGTH OF VARIABLE NAMES: A great memory saver. In most programs, names can all be cut to one letter; in every program, to a maximum of two letters. Also shortens the names of your own subprograms. A cross reference list can be printed if you wish.
COMPACT LINES with as many commands as can possibly fit: all done intelligently so that GOTOs and GOSUBs are not affected, and no syntax errors are created. Create room for that extra routine! Speed your program up (compacted programs can run slightly faster). Cut loading time!
THAT CONCLUDES THE FINAL STAINLESS SOFTWARE CATALOGUE OF 1985. The following pages are programs from earlier catalogues that were dropped. The oldest catalogue I retain had 69 games- seven of these lasted til the most recent catalogue. Five of these originated from people later to be commercially published science fiction authors.

Curious... missing programs

screen shot from game Sums are Funscreen shot from game Taking Away for Fun
There is a review for Sums are Fun and Taking Away for Fun. I can't find it in my old catalogues which suggests it was not in there for very long. The review isn't bad (nor good) so no idea why it went so quickly. Educational programs didn't actually sell any copies anyway. Hmm- I found screen dumps of these programs.

screen shot from game Second Floor One program that sold ONE copy and I didn't find in the catalogues I hold was Second Floor by R Trueman. It is now readily available for the emulators out there. The oldest catalogue I now have was February 1985 - the single copy of this program was sold in June 1985. By October 1985 Stainless was dust.

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