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Stainless Software 1982-1985

Emulator users can enjoy several disks of Stainless Software programs.
Previous page go to next page Stainless Software was a computer software publishing business operated in the United Kingdom by Stephen Shaw from 1982 to 1985, catering only for the Texas Instruments TI99/4a Home Computer.
This web page exists to record the many items of software that Stainless sold for the TI99/4a, mostly on cassette tape.

From Page 7 onwards these web pages detail software programs for the TI99/4a formerly sold by Stainless Software from 1982, which failed to be retained in the final 1985 catalogue, which is on Pages 1 to 6.

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screenshot of game

Programs from NORTON SOFTWARE of CANADA NB: If you are buying Extended Basic in the next few months, wait and buy the XB versions then - the extended basic versions have extra features.

MUSIC SYNTHESISER: screenshot of game Very similar in use to the TI MUSIC PLAYER MODULE. Use a cursor to place notes on a musical stave. Up to three notes at a time- uses CASSETTE files. No musical knowledge required - just copy the sheet music onto the screen!
(Triplets not possible. Limited time signatures. Tape data files cannot be verified except by loading and playing them). PLEASE SPECIFY TIB or ExBas. GBP 8.00 Read the Review
screenshot of game LUNAR LANDER: TI Basic OR Extended Basic Read the Review
A good copy of the old arcade game with several levels of gravity to select. Control thrust and spin. Program includes horizontal and angular momentum. Easy to crash your lander!
When you have mastered landing on the main screen, fly off the screen to the right and try landing on the next one.

GBP 7.00

TANK: screenshot of game A game for two, or one vs computer.
Drive your tank around the walls ( watch for the mines ) and shoot the other tank before it shoots you.
The Extended Basic game is distinctly different to the TI Basic game,with the shells behaving differently.
(Joysticks optional)
GBP 7.00
STAR TREK:screenshot of game
Read the review. The familiar game of 'Hunt the Klingon' in 3-D space - the size of the Klingons/space stations varies with your distance from them.
Also-the Klingons are seeking YOU - watch out or they will all attack you at once. The game universe is 20x20x20.
screenshot of game ATTACK MAN: Extended Basic.
Remarkably similar to a certain arcade game. You have to gain points by deleting dots in a maze while avoiding some strange creatures.
In this program these creatures move horizontally along the screen, ignoring the maze. Gain a 'power dot' and YOU can eat THEM. Several levels. Faster than other copies seen on the TI. (Joysticks optional) GBP 8.00
screenshot of game CROSS COUNTRY CAR RALLY: Extended Basic. Read the Review
An original game which is proving very popular.
You have to drive from one side of America to the other, watching out for cattle on the road., bad weather, other cars, police, detours - then IF you can rnake it before you run out of money (spent repairing your car), you are given your 'position' - can you make it first? Challenging and fun. GBP 8.00
Very slow but the only way to hi-res graphics with just the console and extended basic. Draw a high res picture using the 4 arrow keys and save it to tape OR disk. Three levels of resolution (lowest level 32x24 requires expansion memory).
Includes useful subroutines which will connect two points, draw a 'circle' or an ellipse. Erase function included. (Tape saving is NOT verified except by loading. Special functions may take a minute or so to understand) GBP 10
End of Norton Software listing

screenshot of game PROGRAMS BY PRP COMPUTERGRAPIHCS of the USA [web note: a search on the internet for "PRP Computergraphics" only shows the references on my web pages, nothing anywhere else. The programs did not sell - there was no demand for two players programs] All PRP programs are one price: One program for GBP 5, two programs for GBP 9 and four programs for GBP 16.00
screen shot from game Scribble SCRIBBLE

Word game for two players. Form words from 8 letters offered and place them on a board.
Computer generates letters and board, places words, and keeps score.
It does not act as referee: you must check that words entered use the letters available and fit on the board correctly yourself.
Good family game.

Based on the old numerology thesis, the computer will advise you of your mental emotional and physical states for any day you select.
Also includes a compatibility function for any two persons. Interesting ice breaker for parties. Take this program seriously or treat it as fun! (Dates are entered American fashion: MM DD YY)
With Las Vegas rules - for one or two players, computer is dealer. Two cards dealt to each player - player may then take up to 3 extra cards.
Dealer takes extra cards automatically if he scores under 17, stands if higher. The object is to score higher than the dealer without going over 21. Any betting (matches, marb1es, money?) you must deal with yourself.
screen shot from game Blackjack
BLACKJACK : Extended Basic.

As above TI Basic version, this gives extra screen help (but if you have 5 cards,one card suit indicator will vanish- does not affect play).

Please ask for EXTENDED BASIC version

screen shot from game 5 card stud 5 Card Stud Poker. Extended Basic. For two players.
Two cards dealt -one face up,one face down Each player may see his face down card privately. Players may then bet raise or fold.
This is the game you see on TV Westerns. Computer does not handle the betting. It does shuffle- fairly. These cards are not marked.
screen shot from game Horserace HORSERACE Extended Basic. For 1 to 4 Players.
The computer does handle the betting on this one - and pays out for winners only (no problems with the American betting systems).
Superb graphics. Choose your horse and watch them run - your horse may lead over most of the course and stumble at the end! Good use of sprite graphics make this an enjoyable game
screen shot from game Checkerboard Square CHECKERBOARD SQUARE:

Extended Basic.

Take an 8x8 checkerboard.

Let the computer scramble it up.
Now you have to restore it!
By moving the vertical and horizontal lines of the board.
The computer will also display the number of moves it takes you.

screen shot from game Crossword Challenge Extended Basic

. Three vertical and three horizontal words must be placed in a 5x5 grid.
For two players.
Any letters may be used but each player is given 'bonus letters' which he may use for a higher score.
Computer handles display and score, but players must make sure the words fit correctly! Not as easy as it may sound!

End of PRP Computergraphics section
This is an archive record, these programs are not now on sale

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