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This page contains links to graphic representations of the fifth issue of the slim and somewhat content-less magazine issued by a Public Relations company in Maidstone on behalf of Texas Instruments UK. As the magazine is a triumph of design over content it really doesn't OCR too well.

Although former subscribers to Paul Dicks TIHOME Tidings were promised a subscription until the end of 1985, that didn't happen. I believe this was the last issue published (anyone have a later copy?).

The note about subscribers details being passed to a third company - in Glasgow this time - does not appear to have produced any results - did anyone hear anything?

The ODT document is a collection of images, it is NOT text.

Firstly, a link to a document in ODT (Open DocumentText) format for Open Office / Libreoffice users (the software is available as a free download). This is a simple document and other programs should be able to open it (untested)- Abiword, Kword, Adobe Buzzword, IBM Lotus Symphony, Sun StarOffice.
One software publisher ignores Open Document files, and now that Oracle have taken over Sun the Sun Word plugin is no longer available (the old one does not work well with the latest from MS). If you only have Word, I have supplied the pages as individual jpg images below.

Here is the link to the ODT document (a collection of images of the original document, not text) - right click to save:
TIHCUC Magazine 5- right click to download an ODT (Open Document Text) format file with Issue 5 of Texas Instruments Home Computer Users Club (TIHCUC) Magazine issued by a PR company in Maidstone. ODT files can be opened with Open Office / LibreOffice and other software.

Or you can click on one of these little thumbnails to open a jpg format image of each page (I tried pdf and didn't like the quality/ size tradeoff).

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